It has been suggested that Valentine’s Day originated in Ancient Rome. During mid-February, a fertility festival was held called Lupercalia. Lupercalia was filled with fertility rites and lotteries pairing off men and women. At the end of the 5th century, Lupercalia was dissolved and replaced by St. Valentine’s Day. It’s believed that romance wasn’t incorporated until the 14th century. Personal messages and gifts were shared among lovers. Over time the holiday grew into the fantastic display of love and affection we know today. 

valentines day celebrationsIt’s time to evolve the day once more. Why stop with just your significant other? Show your love and affection for all those people you hold dear to your heart. Let your friends, mum, dad, siblings, neighbours and work husbands and wives know you love and appreciate them. There are plenty of people who would adore a gift from you. Look for a Valentine hamper filled with indulgent treats you and your significant other can enjoy. 

The last couple of years have been tiring and straining. With lockdowns and global crises, there has been a lot of stress and concerns. We have become recluses seeking familiar environments. You were getting to know people over private messages, catching up over Zoom. It’s now possible for us to meet up in person. Show your loved ones your appreciation. 

This year will be different, and Cupid is here to help. Scatter rose petals, open champagne, draw an inviting bubble bath. The possibilities are endless. You still have time to come up with gift ideas, so make it something special. Valentine’s Day 2022 falls on a Monday, so you have all weekend to pamper and impress. 



The last couple of years have been sad and depressing. Let’s change it this year. 2022 is going to be all about experiencing new things. Being in isolation and confined has closed us off from the rest of the world. Break free of that mentality and your affection. Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s time to celebrate and spread love. Make the day something to remember this year and bring a romantic flair to a fun and bubbly time. 

Steal Cupids bow and create romance. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday, you can spend all weekend making memories and spending time together. Dim the lights, add some candles and create a stunning night in luxury. 

Valentine’s Day has changed a lot since its origins. Rather than focusing on fertility, it’s all about celebrating love in all its forms, from platonic relationships to romantic ones. You can celebrate the day with all the people you love and hold dear. 2022 is all about doing things differently. We have thrown away all the old traditions and are making new ones. The past is in the past, and we are keeping it there. 

Indulge in a worthwhile Valentine’s Day activity that is new and different. Show those you love and appreciate something they will cherish. Prepare a candlelit dinner with scrumptious foods. Go for a picnic in a beautiful park with an array of their favourite treats. Or share a morning together, enjoying comforting sweets and delightful beverages. 



Although Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday, Australians still celebrate it. Red is everywhere. Delicate roses, cheesy cards and indulgent chocolate are everywhere. We find the perfect gift for our significant others and create moments. Whether it’s a lavish gift, or something small and reserved, it can be the perfect gift if chosen with them in mind.   

Australia’s Valentine’s Day is during summer. People usually celebrate in the late afternoon when it starts to cool off.  The perfect Australian valentines night would begin with a dinner date, continue on to watch the sunset at the beach and finish the night with Hollywood’s new rom-com. And if you’re lucky, Cupid might even pay you a visit. 

You could also celebrate during the day. Lay down a picnic blanket, pull out a stunning basket of goodies and relax together at a park or by a lake. You can add a romantic atmosphere to a lovely picnic or spend the day together relaxing at the beach. Relax and chill on a hot summers day. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let those special people know you’re thinking of them. Create moments they will remember by gifting them a hamper they will love. It doesn’t just need to be for your significant others. Consider making the day magical for friends and family as well. All the people you hold near and dear deserve to feel special so think of them this Valentine’s season. 

Australians Valentine’s Day Celebrations


When deciding on the perfect gifts to give, look for their favourite things. Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for enjoying alone or for sharing. Chocolate and flowers are the expected go to. Why not try something new?  Attempt to try something different this year. Arrange a day your significant people will remember. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a romantic relationship or a platonic one. Here are some easy steps to follow while coming up with the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas:

Stop. Sit down in your favourite chair. This may take some time. Think about your significant person. Have you gifted them Valentine’s gifts before? What were they? Write down everything you have previously done and cross it out. If you’ve done it before, it’s time to try something new. You don’t want to repeat gits, so make this year different.

It’s good to take notes before you start browsing. Keep them in mind while writing down ideas. The planning phase begins with one solid concept. Think about your significant person and make the first decision. Your perfect Valentine's Day gift will expand from there. Consider the location, activity, gift and any other small specifics. Deciding on the first thing is the first step towards putting together a fantastic day. 

Browse. Have a look at what’s available, see if you can find their favourite things. Take a breath and slowly look for something that might interest them. Scroll through what’s available. At Hampers Galore, we have a range of products exclusive to Valentine’s Day. Have a look at what’s available and see if anything grabs your attention. 

Select a few different hampers and compare them. Consider the price and the inclusions. 

You don’t have to rush while picking the perfect gift. Look at what’s available, read the descriptions and make an educated choice. If you keep going back to a specific hamper, that’s the perfect gift you’re looking for. 

Create. After looking at the hampers available, is there something they will like? Is there anything that stands out? Go into the hampers and see what’s included. We have provided detailed descriptions for every hamper with a list of all the inclusions. Read up about our available alcohols and make an educated choice. We know we have the perfect gift you’re looking for.

If you are struggling to find the ideal gift from our range of hampers, have a look at our ‘Create Your Own’ section. You can make a hamper catered to them. Start by deciding whether you’re after a snack hamper or a hamper with alcohol. Select the perfect sleeve, decide on a beverage and include their favourite treats. You can also design a personalised item. With a candle, wine, beer and chocolate to customise, create a unique gift they can keep.  Look for items that let them know that you’re thinking of them. 

Don’t forget to write a message with our free ‘For You’ gift card. Whether you have created your own hamper or chosen one of our perfect hampers, you can send a heartfelt message to your recipient. 



valentines day gift ideas

At Hamper’s Galore, we’re all about hampers, but you can make this special day memorable with something a little extra. We have the perfect Valentine’s Day hamper ideas to make your special someone feel spoiled. With a variety of goodies at your disposal, you can surprise them with a gift, hamper and setting they will remember. The best gifts ideas for 2022 are ones that have been carefully chosen with your significant other in mind. Don’t rush. Take your time, plan a gift and an evening they will remember. 

Choosing the perfect gift can get a little overwhelming. There’s a lot of options available, and they are all different. Suppose you choose a hamper for your romantic companion. In that case, you’ll be looking for a gift that expresses your love and devotion. If your gift is for a friend, you’ll be looking for a hamper filled with indulgent treats that they can enjoy by themselves or with people they hold dear. When coming up with ideas for a Valentine’s Day hamper, think carefully about the message your gift contains. 

Consider the following when choosing your gift:

Mood. Think about the mood you’re trying to create. You can bring a romantic setting with succulent treats and rich, flavourful alcohol. Our Italian Grazie has an indulgent palate that will elevate your romance and invite Cupid to your alluring date. 

If you’re creating a friendly environment, make things bright, airy and warm. Look for a hamper that is as sweet as they are. Celebrate your time together with our Celebrate With Bubbles hamper. You both can enjoy the bubbly tingle of champagne on your tongue while digging into the accompanying snacks. Spend time with those you value and enjoy a variety of snacks together. 

Selecting the perfect hamper can change the meaning of your gift. So think hard about the type of atmosphere you want to bring. 

Location. Plan ahead of time where you will be going. Valentine’s Day is during Summer, so look for an appropriate hamper for where you’re going. 

If you spend the afternoon at the beach watching the sunset, our Ferrero, Bubble & Treat hamper would be the perfect hamper. With a glass of Chandon Champagne, you will be able to enjoy an assortment of nibbles while watching the sun descend. 

Or you could plan for a relaxing night at home. Draw a bubble bath, put on a movie and chill together with The Loved Up Couple. Be a little adventurous with a hamper made to be enjoyed at home. Take time to enjoy your Love Honey Lucky You Scratch Cards and Australian Wholesale Oils Massage Oil as you enjoy a relaxing, romantic night together. Increase the romance and include mood lighting with candles.

Your Special Someone. It’s all well and good arranging the perfect Valentine’s gift, but you have to keep that special someone in mind while organising your gifts. Think about their favourite places, hobbies, foods and beverages. You can make their day more magical by keeping them in your thoughts throughout the planning period. You want to show them your appreciation, so make a gift tailored to them specifically. Look for hampers they will like, locations they adore and keep their preferences in mind the entire time. 

The best gift requires a lot of planning and forethought. Take your time, consider the mood, locations and most importantly, your significant someone. You don’t need to rush when you’re putting together the perfect valentines gift. Make sure you’re relaying the correct message with your gift. You don’t want any misunderstandings during this romantic season. 



Sharing moments with her is a fabulous way to show your love and appreciation. Create an experience she won’t forget. Have a look at our valentines day gifts ideas for her and gift her a memory she will treasure. Surprise your mother, sister, daughter, friend, partner or work wife with a hamper filled with delicious treats they can enjoy. There are plenty of options available for you to explore. With a variety of hampers filled with sweet treats and savoury snacks, you will find a gift she will love. Here are some of our favourite valentines day gifts ideas for her that we know your special lady will adore.

Let her know She’s Amazing with a relaxing bubble bath and indulging hamper. 

Show her how amazing she is with the She's Amazing hamper. Your special lady can enjoy a rejuvenating bubble bath while indulging in a glass of our finest Atilius Sparkling Rosé and a select of scrumptious treats. She can light her new Bloom Candle and soak in the stress melting scents that will permeate the room. Spending the evening in a therapeutic bath will lift the weight off her shoulders and remind her she is special to you. Gift her a relaxing night where she can unwind and pamper herself. 

Celebrate how special she is to you with Moet Champagne & Nibbles.

Surprise your significant female with a hamper she can enjoy. Not every Valentine’s Day gift idea for her needs to be a romantic one. Platonic relationships should be celebrated as well. Introduce her to a hamper of high-quality products she will fall in love with.  When she opens her bottle of Moet Brut Impérial Champagne, the sinful bubbles will lift her spirits and remind her she’s important to you. Organising the perfect gift for her to enjoy by herself or with her significant others will let her know you’re thinking of her. With the Moet Champagne & Nibbles hamper, she will know how special she is. 

Velvet Dreams are made of this. Romantic 3-course dinners and to die for desserts. 

Become a Michelin Star chef and cater a meal with courses. Show off your skills and impress her with a fine dining experience she will remember. Or order food and claim you made it. We won’t share your secret. Our Velvet Dreams hamper is filled with delicious desserts that will complete your meal. Surprise her with a structured dinner and finish it with a lovely sweet treat. Expand your succulent dessert with a glass of Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake. She will fall in love with the meal you put time and effort into preparing. It is the ultimate Velvet Dream she has envisioned. 



valentines day gift ideas for men

Show him your love and adoration. Ladies aren’t the only ones who need a little romancing. Let the remarkable men in your life know they’re special to you with a hamper they will greatly appreciate. Whether they are your brother, dad, friend, son, partner, or work husband, you can send them a hamper filled with their favourite treats for them to enjoy. With a variety of hampers available, you will be able to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas you’re looking for. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for him. We know your special man will appreciate one of our stunning hampers. 

Grab The Golden Hamper and watch a movie together.

Go and find his favourite movie and organise the perfect night. Find his favourite action flick, comedy skit, or dangerous adventure to enjoy with The Golden Hamper. Show how much you appreciate him with a hamper where you can pick his favourite Bourbon. The Golden Hamper is the perfect accompaniment for your movie night. With all the snacks needed to make your night memorable. Snuggle up together and watch all his favourite movies. Add a little romantic flair by dimming the lights and adding a few scented candles. Create a night he will love and make him feel cherished. 

Add a little magic to a games night with the Italian Prestige. 

You can either let him win or show off your skills with a games night. From board games, video games, pool, darts, poker, and anything else you can think of, you can make a special night more interesting by adding the Italian Prestige. Opening their bottle of Atilius Prestigio Chianti Riserva will raise the stakes of any game you play. Decide beforehand what types of games you would like to play and create a night they will remember. Dim the lights and add the perfect accompanying nibbles, and your game night will become magical. 

Stay in and enjoy a Whisky Deluxe with Glenlivet Founders Reserve.

You don’t have to always do something extravagant to gift them a remarkable Valentine’s Day. For those platonic relationships or romantic ones, you can gift your favourite man a deluxe night of delicious whisky. The Whisky Deluxe with Glenlivet Founders Reserve gift is the perfect Valentine’s hamper for the whisky lover you know. The Glenlivet Founders Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky is smooth and fruity. They can sit in their favourite chair and relax with their new decanter set. Show him how special he is with an extravagant hamper. 



At Hampers Galore, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best, highest quality products for our hampers. We have put in the time and effort to research all our products, so you don’t have to. Our Valentine’s Day hampers are the perfect gifts for your friends, family and all other significant people in your life. Filled with all your favourite savoury snacks and sweet treats, you can make their Valentine’s Day one to remember. 

We’re changing traditions at Hampers Galore. Don’t just stop with sending a hamper to those you’re romantically involved in. Let everyone know how special they are to you. Show them your appreciation and affection with a hamper they can enjoy.

With our estimated next day delivery, you can shop with ease knowing your gift will arrive on your recipient’s doorstep. With our detailed descriptions and list of included items, we are making your online gifting experience easier. You can send a gift with confidence across Australia. 

No matter where you are, you can send a gift to those who love and care for you. Have a look at what’s available and find the perfect gift you’re looking for. Make their Valentine’s Day special with a gift from Hampers Galore.

Hampers Galore Valentines day gifts