It’s that time of the year where Cupid makes an appearance. All things are red, pink and covered in hearts. Arrows will soar through the sky as love is shared. We all know how special it is to feel loved and adored. You make moments memorable when a little thought has been put towards the gift or occasion. So this year, take your time and find the perfect gift you’re looking for. 

Valentine’s Day will be on Tuesday the 14th of February this year. We know this is a difficult time to arrange something special on the day, but we have the perfect ideas for the weekend before it. Valentine’s Day is a big deal, but you can celebrate it on the days leading up to or after it. Being wooed, romanced or celebrated is thrilling, especially when it’s done by those we hold near and dear. You can make them feel special for the entire holiday. 

Make this year a little different. Don’t just focus on the people you’re romantically involved with. At Hampers Galore, we are changing the perception towards Valentine’s Day. Whether they are friends, family members, partners, or work colleagues, acknowledge them. Making them feel special is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation. Don’t just focus on your romantic partners. Find the excellent Valentine’s Day gifts for him in our range of Valentine’s hampers. 



Valentines day history

Love is in the air again, and it’s time to show that special man in your life how much you love and appreciate him. Sending gifts or notes originated in the 14th century. A festival used to celebrate and encourage fertility evolved into a holiday more closely reflecting what we’re familiar with today. Men and women would show their affection during the courting period by gifting lovely trinkets and notes. 

As time progressed, the gifts became less subtle and more pronounced. You would let society know you were publicly courting someone with brilliant displays that would draw attention. Making everyone know you were interested brought attention to you and the person you were romancing. 

Now the holiday traditions have progressed and advanced to what is now more socially acceptable. Providing a gift is a fabulous way to show your love and admiration. Simply saying the words may not be enough. As we all know, actions speak louder than words. So, make a demonstration. Find the perfect gift. Show your love. Let your significant person know you’re thinking of them with a gift they can love and cherish. 

Find the perfect gift for the special men in your life.

Surprise the special men in your life with a hamper they will adore. The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so put together a Valentine’s gift he will love to eat. At Hampers Galore, we know how important it is to make your loved ones feel special. We have put together the perfect hamper you have been looking for.  Whether they are your crush, boyfriend, husband, or friend, we have cute Valentine’s Day gifts for him. 



Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend can be challenging. How long you have been together can change what gifts you should get. Find the ideal gift by thinking about their likes and dislikes. Have a look at what’s available and make an educated choice. Here are some of the best Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend. 


Add a little special something with Valentine's & Sparkling Chandon Hamper.


Bring out the bubbles. This is a special occasion. It doesn’t matter how long you have been together, make every moment special with something they will love. All occasions should be celebrated with a bottle of their favourite bubbly. The Valentine's & Sparkling Chandon Hamper comes with a stunning bottle of Chandon Champagne. Partnered perfectly with a range of chocolate and cookies, we know he will thoroughly enjoy this delicious hamper. It is the perfect accompaniment for a picnic, beach day, games night or movie night. Bring a touch of celebratory flare to help make this occasion memorable.  


The Cupid's Vegan Gluten Free Valentine Hamper will bring magic to your romantic day. 


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to dress up. Magic is about to happen. Make your day memorable with a hamper designed to entice. The
Cupid's Vegan Gluten Free Valentine Hamper comes with a collection of delicious dietary friendly snacks. With a selection of mouth watering items, we know your boyfriend will enjoy every bite. You’ll be creating enchanting memories your partner will cherish. This is the perfect hamper for a stay at home evening with dinner, candlelight and romance. Enjoy spending time with your significant other and have a magical evening. 


Make a rich experience with the Blue Loving Valentine Hamper


You can both enjoy a classic Australian treat this Valentine’s Day. Relax together and enjoy your day munching on a collection of delicious snacks. A mixture of sweet and savoury treats will make your night memorable. Settle down for a picnic, relax together as the sun sets or watch your favourite movie outdoors. There are plenty of exciting ways to enjoy our lovely hamper this Valentine’s season. Your boyfriend will enjoy sitting down and sharing this hamper with you. Make an unforgettable evening they will cherish.



Valentines Day gift hampers for husband

Finding a Valentine’s Day gift for your Huband is a little different. You may have been together for a while and need a little spice to make your day memorable. Or enjoy a night together away from cares and responsibilities. Whatever the occasion may require, we have the perfect gift for you both to enjoy. Make this year special and put together a night to remember. 


Put on a movie and enjoy A Vegan Prosecco Valentine


Take your time while putting together this fabulous hamper. Pick a whisky you can both enjoy. With a variety of snacks available, enjoy an evening watching all your favourite movies while indulging in your mouth watering snacks. Nothing is too much when it comes to putting together a gift for the person you love. Make him feel special with a night spent together. Add a little extra romance by dimming the lights and including scented candles. With our A Vegan Prosecco Valentine, you can make your Valentine’s Day extra special. 


Add a little spice to a fabulous night with Cupid's Couple With Moet & Chivas Hamper.


With a bit of sugar, spice and everything nice, you both can enjoy The Cupid's Couple With Moet & Chivas Hamper together. Enjoy a little sugar with the scrumptious Charlies Raspberry Bliss Mini Melting Moments. Make things spicy with our refreshing beverages. Finish the night off with some tasty chocoaltes and create a lasting memory. There are plenty of ways you can spend time with your husband. Make this year one to remember with Cupid's Couple With Moet & Chivas Hamper.


Valentine's Shiraz & Vegan Delights Hamper is the perfect gift for your whiskey-loving husband.


You don’t have to always gift a hamper to share. The Valentine's Shiraz & Vegan Delights Hamper is the perfect gift for your husband to enjoy. Surprise him with a stunning Chapel Hill McLaren Vale Shiraz bottle. He can enjoy his favourite beverage while keeping it in a glamorous decanter with matching glasses. You don’t need to always be romantic while giving a Valentine’s Day gift. This is Australia’s favourite Valentine’s Day gift for him. With something he can keep and cherish, gift a hamper he will genuinely value.



Whether you are trying to impress a crush, or are looking for a gift for a friend, stand out this year with a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him. Our hampers are the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them during this romantic holiday. Nothing says I’m thinking of you quite like a hamper. Finding all their favourite snacks and beverages is the perfect way to let them know they’re important to you. Look for a hamper they can enjoy by themselves or share with you. Make their day one they will remember. Make them remember you. 


It’s just the two of you with The Two Box Hamper.


Gift them a hamper with their favourite beverages. With a choice of wine combinations, create a hamper they will remember. Making a good impression requires you to put in some effort. If you don’t know their preferences, find out. Think about their likes and dislikes, and design a gift they will cherish. The Two Box Hamper is the perfect stand-alone gift. You don’t need to plan a day full of activities for him this coming Valentine’s Day. Surprise your crush or friend with a unique Valentine’s Day gift for him to enjoy. 


Celebrate together with Moet Champagne & Nibbles.


Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Let your crush or friend know you’re thinking of him with a hamper filled with a luxurious gift. Enjoy a bottle of Moet Brut Impérial Champagne together while munching on various sweet and savoury snacks. This is the perfect gift to share with a friend or crush. Choose a hamper that will leave an impression they will remember. All you need to do is write a message for our free ‘For You’ gift card. Gift them a hamper they will enjoy and leave a message they will keep. 


Thank your crush or friend for being extraordinary with an Italian Grazie hamper.


Actions speak louder than words, so show your appreciation with the Italian Grazie hamper. Bring a little Valentine’s romance with a bottle of red. He will be able to enjoy a bottle of Atilius Nobilis Chianti while nibbling on a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. Made with red and black fruits with a hint of cherry, our wine is the standout in this delicious hamper. Make this Valentine’s Day one they will remember with a hamper filled that will leave a stunning impression. The quickest way to his heart is through his stomach. 



We understand that shopping online can be a little daunting. You don’t know who to trust or what will be included. At Hampers Galore, we are making your online gifting experience easier. As an Australian owned, family-run business, we have sourced only the highest quality products for you and your recipient to enjoy. With hampers for every occasion, you will find the gift you’re looking for. All our hampers have detailed descriptions with a list of all the items included. Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him and shop with confidence. 

We even have a Create Your Own section if you can’t find the perfect hamper you’re looking for. Just keep your special man in mind as you design the perfect Valentine’s Day hamper for him. Choose between a Snack Hamper or one with Alcohol and create the ideal hamper for him.  Nothing is too much for Valentine’s Day, so look for all his favourites, write a knockout message, and create something unique. 

At Hampers Galore, we offer an estimated next day delivery Australia-wide. You can find the perfect gift for all your loved ones. It doesn’t matter where they are; you can send the perfect hamper to their doorstep. Bring a little magic to his Valentine’s Day and make it one to remember. Find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him at Hampers Galore.

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