Top 10 Christmas Hampers for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting during the Christmas season is an indispensable item to have in your year-end itinerary. Fostering goodwill with your employees and strengthening business relationships takes centre stage at Christmastime. If you’ve been dealing with a potential client who’s been on the fence about working with you for months, make Christmas a reason to reassure them with a courteous gift. 

This thoughtful gesture doesn’t just spread holiday cheer. It brings better opportunities to you and your company. 

Gifting boosts team cohesion. Employees who feel valued and connected not only perform better but are more loyal. Your choice of gifts reflects who you are. Give your business partners an unclouded view of your sincerity and personality with the perfect Christmas gift. 

When considering corporate gifts, sending Christmas hampers is the uncontested choice. This time-tested yuletide habit of sending relatives gift baskets of delightful assortment of wines, cheese, and gourmet foods, suits anyone’s mood. 

This homely habit works in the corporate world just as well allowing hamper contents to be customized to suit individual tastes, making them a thoughtful and personalized present. 

Christmas hampers convey warmth and appreciation, making them a memorable and enduring symbol of a company's goodwill. Simply put, it’s tradition! When you want to carry out tradition right, there are a few things you should look out for.


Key Considerations for Corporate Christmas Hampers

Buying gifts for a company of more than a hundred employees is no easy feat. Balancing the need to make the company’s token of appreciation count while steering clear of generic presents is not even the most difficult aspect of bulk corporate gifting

Some of your clients may be the kind who avoid alcohol. Others may be allergic to nuts. It might seem like there is no way to win with a one-size-fits-all. 

Your best choice then is to buy from a vendor who offers you detailed options for customizing your Christmas gift hampers. Dietary restrictions, alcohol restrictions, and even gluten intolerance can all be taken into account this way. Ordering from a single shop that offers multiple variations or customizations for 50 or even 100 orders is much more convenient than making multiple orders at several online outlets. 

Hampers Galore has been observing how the difficulty of making personalized orders has turned gifting into a chore. Employees no longer need to keep track of multiple gift deliveries because we customize Christmas Hampers and have them delivered all with a single order. 

You just need to choose your hamper requirements and choose when and where you need it sent. 


Types of Corporate Hampers

When it comes to gifting a large number of people with various tastes and social standings, there are a few gift choices that win with them all. 

With wine and cheese hampers taking the crown as the most loved Christmas gifts, other professional-grade hampers offer gourmet foods and healthy snacks which are always a hit among many in the business world – cos you can use them even when Christmas is over. Most rich Christmas cakes, wine, and cheese last well after the New Year. So, whether you’re gifting staff or clients, these Christmas hampers should be your go-to choice. 


The Top 10 Corporate Christmas Hampers for 2023

For Clients: 

Foodie Christmas Joy


The Foodie Christmas Joy speaks for itself. It may feel like this hamper is a bit too casual for a business prospect, but you might be wrong. A gift full of snacks is a hit at anyone’s house. If your partnership has been a bit dry and too corporate all this time, a hamper full of munch may be what livens it up.








Your long-time clients will love this Beer and Jingle Bells Christmas Hamper. It’s for those guys who aren’t just business associates, but are your friends. This hamper was made to let them know just that. 










When you’re searching for something subtly opulent to make an impression with a potential business partner, the Christmas Gold will be at your aid. Candles and Prosecco are sparkle without being too obvious. 










Impress the top guys in Finance with the Champagne & Whisky Deluxe. Let the brilliant pour of Johnnie Walker light up cigars in those boardroom discussions about money and economy. 










The Festive Chivas Lover


The Festive Chivas Lover isn’t for lovers at all. Made for business grit and brutally honest conversations about trade, these hampers are here for when you need to put all your brains together. And when you need to recharge, take a bite off a Choc chip.







For Staff: 


Home for the Christmas Holidays


Before you send your team Home for the Christmas Holidays this year, get them the perfect stay-at-home kit: Red wine, chocolate, and cracker thins. 











For those staff members who give their maximum to work from 9-5, to be completely present with their children and families at home, Dino the Dinosaur is a perfect gift. As their boss, take time to acknowledge the side of your employees that makes them motivated to perform when they must. 







Christmas Myrrh Hamper


The Christmas Myrrh is for Zen. You want your company team to take that break, recharge, and be more productive in the New Year. After all, who wants sloppy goblins working fourteen hours getting just two hours of work done wasting resources? A relaxed and happy employee is a productive employee. Get them this hamper as a reminder to rejuvenate. And that’s an order!







Each workplace has its unique culture. And quite a few of them have a serious snack culture to complement the grind. Teams like these should end the year with Christmas Chocolate Dreams

Get these all-time favourite chocos to be your team’s batteries in their last few hours of work before the holidays.







A Vegan Prosecco Christmas


Impress your staff on those special diets with A Vegan Prosecco Christmas. As the division head, you want to show them you went the extra distance to get everyone something they can enjoy, no matter the preference. 

At Hampers Galore, you really can find everyone’s favourite gift!





Personalization and Branding 

Personalized corporate gifts are vital for bringing meaningful connections to an otherwise rigid relationship. When you tailor a gift to an individual's tastes, no matter how difficult, it shows genuine thought and consideration. The personal touch strengthens relationships whether you’re gifting employees, clients, or business partners. It can show them that you aren’t all about business; that you care about human connection too. Personalized gifts stand out and leave a lasting impression. It could even help your brand image positively. 

Talking about your brand, it’s important to have all your Christmas gifts sealed elegantly with your company name. It establishes a sense of professionalism and consistency in your gift-giving efforts. Moreover, correctly branded gifts showcase pride in your company and can serve as powerful marketing tools, extending your brand's reach. However, it’s important to brand without making it a tacky and soulless advertisement. Get experts at Christmas Gift packaging to help you achieve this important balance.

Ultimately, this thoughtful gesture not only spreads holiday cheer but also promotes your business in an endearing light, making it a win-win during the festive season. 


Ordering and Bulk Discounts

At Hampers Galore, we understand the unique needs of corporate gifting, and we're here to make placing your large orders easy. Whether you're looking to send gifts to clients, employees, or partners, our bulk ordering process is designed to simplify your experience. We offer seasonal deals and special discounts for large orders, ensuring that your budget goes further while maintaining quality and customization. Our wide selection of hampers allows you to find the perfect fit for your recipients. Our efficient and personalized service guarantees that your corporate gifts are curated to match every detail you request. With Hampers Galore, you can make a lasting impression during the holiday season without the stress of managing large orders, all while taking advantage of cost-effective deals and seasonal promotions. 

Don’t forget! At Hampers Galore, we’ve got Christmas offers and daily site-wide discounts. You can’t go wrong. 


Delivery and Shipping Options

With options for both standard and express delivery, Hampers Galore has a well-oiled mechanism to keep those Christmas shipments moving on time. Our team makes sure that each hamper is packed appropriately so it’s safe during long transits. Christmases can be hectic times for freight movement and damaged deliveries are prevalent. To manage this, Hampers Galore only uses trusted courier services. 

To see detailed information about our Christmas delivery, please visit our shipping and deliveries page.


Gifting within your company or out to your clients is a task that takes weeks of planning just to match everyone’s unique needs and get them their gifts on time. 

With Hampers Galore, we’ve got this process streamlined from beginning to end. 

Shop with us and find out!