A Taste of Christmas: Gourmet Food Hampers for the Holidays

To some jolly people, a Christmas hamper is as integral to Christmas celebrations as the tree or turkey. Presents are nice, but there’s so much more holiday cheer in a wicker basket filled with Christmas treats tied up with a thick organza ribbon.

Something about receiving food gifts never ceases to lift spirits anytime they’re presented. Our modern lives are filled with an abundance of food that is easier to come by - relative to our ancestors of course. 

All meals were prepared painstakingly, often with food that each family grew on their own farms. Foodstuffs took effort to produce, and often giving or receiving them as gifts was no small matter. The willingness to share your produce with another family conveyed the most genuine feelings of care.

Both Aristocrats and the working class often showed consideration for each other by sharing special foods and wine they bought or made. To this day, even when food has become more abundant in the world overall, receiving a food gift sparks a special kind of joy.

During Christmas, we can observe the tradition of gifting gourmet hampers still living on. Becoming a mainstay in Christmas culture from Victorian times, the luxurious food hamper filled with rich and rare food and wine Christmas Hamper is as much a staple of the holidays as decorations and eggnog.

The Christmas Hamper’s principal form is the gourmet hamper. Beginning humbly, it has grown to become a sign of elegance. Although hamper contents have begun to look unique – and sometimes even bizarre – Christmas hampers still mainly constitute Christmas treats and more Christmas treats.

In the spirit of tradition, our Christmas Hampers at Hampers Galore provide lovers of the season with a great variety of choices for the beloved hamper. And we don’t stop here, our professionals will take care of the entire process of gifting the ideal Christmas hamper, from crafting one to its delivery.


The Joy of Sharing Good Food for The Holidays

When you’re having your favourite people over for Christmas Dinner after an entire year, you’re not going to have them eat the usual bread and butter. It’s time to make an effort to let your family know they are special. Christmas calls for your best recipes and good wine.

Even if you can’t meet them in person, you’re not going to shy away from sending them a hamper full of special treats. Most people would begin baking and making wines for the season months before Christmas just for this.

Most importantly, these gifts are a spark for long overdue phone calls and catching up.

Good food is for family. Wherever there’s good food, there’s loved ones around.


Our Choice for Christmas: A Hamper Full of the Best

Pinot, Chandon, and Velvety Hot Chocolate. Bring up the ambience of opulence to the special ones in your life even before they open their gift with our variety. No matter their age, they will love a Christmas hamper from Hamper’s Galore.


Merry Christmas Pinot Grigio

Merry Christmas Pinot Grigio

Send a friend a white Christmas in a box packed with lush white wine and syrupy fruit tarts.


Moët & Gourmet Christmas Hamper

This is a great way to bring everyone around the dinner table. Bust out a cheeseboard and snacks for three hours of chit-chat.



Hot Chocolate Christmas Hamper

 The kids are going to love the Hot Chocolate Christmas Hamper for Christmas! And you too! This is how you and your family will wind down for Christmas evenings.

Hot Chocolate Christmas Hamper


What’s a Christmas Hamper Made of?

Christmas hampers are warm and comforting to receive. There are several staples to them though. Must-have items that just don’t make a hamper Christmassy enough if they aren’t there.

Chocolates: Who would keep this delightful aphrodisiac out of Christmas? Or any other celebration really. No other food defines luxury as much as Chocolates do from the time they melt at the first bite.

Cheese: Maybe it’s the French origins of Christmas hampers. Or possibly how awfully addicting cheese can be. But this substantial dairy product is a staple for Christmas snack times as much as sugar cookies. But our best guess is that cheese lasts a good while – and they’re delicious!

Wines: Anyone knows Christmases are empty without a full glass of wine. In Western Europe, Christmases could be brutally cold. A crackling fireplace and fatty foods need the extra boost from some good wine to keep that frost far away.


At Hampers Galore, we make it a point to load our hampers with all Christmas staples, but in their best varieties. Premium chocolates, cheeses, and crisp wines line our Christmas Hampers brimming with even more snacks to speak the holiday goodness we bring at Hamper’s Galore.


Make Your Gift Unique

Our team has found that a basic hamper is still nice, but it can be bland without some love from you. When you’re shopping hampers at our store, the option to personalize your gifts will be prioritized at every stage.

Whether you’re buying one off the online rack or choosing to build one on your own, Hampers Galore lets you add a personal touch to your gifts each time. We will send your message or note with every gift, and even print special labels for each of your gifts. Just say “Make it even more personal” at checkout, and you’ll be led right to it.

Better yet, create a Christmas hamper of your own at Hampers Galore. We’ll put it together just for you!


How We Make Christmases Extra Special?

The Christmas buzz at Hampers Galore begins early in the year. We’re picking out the best bits to put in our hampers from months before. Every item is handpicked and curated. All alcohols are paired with snacks to match. Each item is locally sourced to support Australia sustainably.

Hampers Galore has done it all for you! We took the responsibility to prepare everything perfectly. All that’s left to you is to make your best pick and spread joy.

An integral part of our goodie selection process is to make sure to pick the best gourmet foods that are at their freshest and stay fresh even through extended periods of delivery.

From packaging to delivery, our team takes care to secure your gift to survive the cruel holiday transit anywhere in Australia.

To add to that, our store takes money off your Christmas orders with daily and seasonal discounts storewide.


How We Deliver?

Christmas are hectic time for delivery. Freight movement is slow, and many gifts are lost in transport. To take caution, Hampers Galore offers patrons several choices to ensure the safe delivery of their hampers and avoid disappointments.

Placing orders early is certainly encouraged. If your delivery destination is the Melbourne Metro Area, you have the choice of same-day delivery for just A$ 19.95. To make this possible, please place your order before 12 PM AEST on a business day. We will have a personal courier deliver your gift swiftly and securely even amidst Melbourne’s Christmas Traffic.

Our standard and express delivery Australia-wide is just as safe and is available as low as A$ 14.95 and A$ 17.95 respectively. Orders above A$ 100 receive free standard shipping anywhere in the country.

Security is a priority, so Hampers Galore partners with only the best shipping partners to make this possible.


Let Hampers Galore help you spread Gourmet delight this Christmas with delectable treats and careful delivery. Browse our Christmas Hampers selection to begin your Christmas holiday in high spirits!