Snacking in Sunshine: 5 Aussie Hampers for Your Picnic Date

Loving the weather lately? Well, don’t we all appreciate the good weather and an outdoor snack?

Australia is known for its amazing climate, especially around the mid-year. You’ve got an ample amount of time and sunshine to enjoy a beautiful day out. What better way to enjoy the weather than an Aussie made Snack Hamper! It saves you a long cooking time, expensive takeouts and the stresses of planning a picnic.

Hampers Galore is proud to introduce to you the numerous Snack Hamper options we have, making a perfectly suiting outdoor reunion snack. These Hampers are filled with all sorts of tempting snacks that keep you and your guests engaged all throughout the picnic. From sweet & savoury nibbles to chocolates, wines, beers, whiskeys and a lot more, our Picnic Snack Hampers are filled with some of everyone’s all-time favourites. These hampers are versatile and make up for a great impromptu treat, for you and your loved ones!

In this blog, we have introduced 05 of our best Picnic Snack Hampers for you to choose from on your next snacking adventure! While all our hampers carry exquisite taste and flavour, we suggest you read along to find the ideal hamper for your upcoming snack party, May the best hamper win!


Embracing the Great Outdoors

Believe it or not, we all love a good old-fashioned picnic! We have it in ourselves to appreciate the perfect picnic all day long. At Hampers Galore, we noted that the importance of a great picnic is not just limited to its spread. Australian weather offers a lot more than greener grasses. Here are a few prominent reasons we pointed out for you to reconsider planning your next Aussie picnic soon:

  • Ideal Vitamin D source. Australian sunshine is a perfect resource for Vitamin D. Great for bones and teeth too!
  • Enjoy great aesthetics and fresh air. Breathe in and breathe out proudly!
  • Helps reduce daily stresses and enhance overall mental wellbeing
  • The perfect reason to engage in healthy communication.
  • Healthy eating and active
  • Picnics are great stress relievers. Bond with your family and friends in the most magical ways.


Meet & Greet: Snack Hampers to the rescue!

Picnics are fun! Meeting friends is fun! Reuniting with family is fun! Rekindling sudden love affairs is fun! But what makes fun last longer? Great snacks and drinks!

At Hampers Galore, we live for fun and laughter. We enjoy the spirit of gifting and making loved ones feel fulfilled and cherished. Our Snack Hampers are perfected to do exactly that! As intriguing and exciting picnics are, they can be intimidating if not planned properly. Unplanned picnics can be disastrous and can cause a lot of delays.

Why give your guest the impression of an unplanned snack time, when you’ve got us to help your snacking dreams come true. Our experts at Hampers Galore certainly know how to have fun. These maestros have combined their knowledge into one generous list of tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect snack picnic time with just our Picnic Snack Hampers to rescue the day. All you have to do is find the right picnic spot and use this checklist as your guide to a perfect picnic. Select your Hampers Galore Picnic Snack hamper beforehand and rush along to your favourite spot of autumn sunshine!

Here’s your must-do pre-picnic checklist. Remember each step is important so don’t skip any:


  • Order your Picnic Snack Hampers Melbourne from Hampers Galore: Place all your Hampers Galore Picnic Snack Hampers orders beforehand and count every head that you expect to see. Don’t forget your kids and choose the perfect sweet and savoury snack hampers for them. It takes at least 2 – 3 days for the Snack Hampers Melbourne to be delivered. So be prepared and avoid any delays!  
  • Secure your Picnic Spot: Embrace the Australian weather. Find a spot on the beach, your local park, or even your country farmhouse. If your family and friends are comfortable and safe, you’ve got everything you need!
  • Invite your favourite people: This can be your family or your colleagues. Choose people with good vibes and loud energy to help you enjoy the picnic!
  • Picnic Essentials 101: Pack everything, not just food. EVERYTHING! This includes everything from a picnic blanket, cutlery, plates, napkins or paper towels, water bottles, wet wipes, bottle openers for your beers, salt and pepper, a cutting board, a trash bag, a tent, and empty containers to store leftovers!
  • Quality food, safer practices: Store all your food in cooling containers, to prevent leakage. Fresh-cut veggies and fruits can dry out in the hot sun. Using ice packs and food storage bags can maintain their freshness throughout the picnic. Store your beverages in ice too for a chilly, refreshing drink!


Once you’ve got all this covered, slip into comfy clothes and carry an entertainment system to transform this picnic into a memorable one with our best Australian Snack Hampers Melbourne!


Top 5 Essentials for Your Picnic Hamper

Ready to master the art of snacking? Hampers Galore is proud of our picnic snack hampers as it carries scrumptious goodies, packed to perfection. These Snack Hampers are classy, elegant and versatile, making them ideal for all age groups! Take a long look at our glorious hampers and pick your perfect gifting tool:





Chapel Hill's Blushing Rose Snacks

Are the ladies out for a picnic? The Chapel Hill's Blushing Rosé Snacks Hamper is sure to make you all blush all day long. This sassy picnic snack hamper carry all the Aussie flavours, brushed in sweet and savoury snacks like pretzels, salted nuts, popcorn, coated biscuits, and a lot more. This hamper highlights a bottle of Chapel Hill Abacus Rosé for all the classy ladies out there!











Snacking Combo Perfection

The perfect snack hamper for under $100! The Snacking Combo Perfection Hamper is to go-to for a small reunion, filled with elegant Aussie goodies such as Backed Pretzels, Choc Bites Cookie Pouch, Cookies & Cream Mini Melting Moments, Milk Chocolate Peanuts and Roasted Salted Mix Nuts. It’s a blast to the past with all your favourite Australian delights!









Whisky & Snack Hamper

Toast to good memories with the Whisky & Snack Hamper! Made for individuals with a real whiskey palate, you can choose the liquor you want from 5 supreme whiskey brands; Chivas Regal, Starward Two-Fold, Jim Beam Devils Cut, Johnnie Walker Black and Dimple! It’s got the perfect essence of a snack hamper with mixed nuts, potato chips and savoury peanuts!











Australian Gourmet Foodie Hamper

Keep your snacks Australian! Gourmet-ize your picnic snack hamper with the Australian Gourmet Foodie Hamper! Curated with loads of gourmet delights such as Random Harvest Mini Me BBQ Set, Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts, Mount Zero Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Valley Produce Co Cracked Black Pepper Crackerthins, Mount Zero Mixed Olives, Macadamias Roast Salt, and a lot more, this hamper makes the perfect classy picnic treat! Capture moments, memories and laughter over a fulfilling gourmet snack hamper!










Snack with Somersby

Raise your Somersby all afternoon. Appreciate a good Somersby-styled picnic snack hamper with the Snack with Somersby hamper! This snack hamper covers everything you need from cooling beverages to popcorn to cookies, chips and creamy chocolates. This would make up for an ideal impromptu snack get-together treat or for a girl’s day at the park hamper!









How to get your Picnic Snack Hamper Melbourne Delivered?

Don’t you fret anymore as we’ve got your hamper deliveries sorted! Our beautiful Aussie Picnic Snack Hampers will be delivered to your doorstep swiftly! To help you enjoy a stress-free shopping experience at Hampers Galore, we have streamlined our delivery processes by trusting a reliable third-party courier service, to ensure prompt delivery on all your Aussie Picnic Snack Hampers. Plan your snack date conveniently with our flexible delivery options curated especially for you:


Express Delivery: For just $17.95, we guarantee that your order will leave our warehouse the same day when placed on a business day, before 4 pm AEST or the next business day if placed after 4 pm AEST Monday–Friday.

Standard Delivery: Your hampers will be dispatched within 1-2 days from our warehouse at an easy rate of $14.95. Once dispatched, we estimate your orders to be delivered the next business day to most places in Australia. However, as we work with third-party courier services, kindly note that we do not guarantee next-day deliveries. Deliveries to rural places may take an extra day or two.

Same-day Delivery: For a fee of $19.95, you can avail of this service to selected Melbourne Metro. Kindly note that orders for this service must be placed by 10:00 am AET, Monday–Friday.

Weekend Delivery: Place your snack hamper orders before 2 pm Friday, for all your weekend deliveries around the Melbourne Metro Areas. Make sure to select ‘weekend delivery’ at checkout, for a low rate of $19.95.

For further information on Aussie Picnic Snack Hamper deliveries across Australia, make sure to visit our Shipping and Delivery Page.


Our Final Say:

And that concludes our guide to a perfect Aussie-themed picnic! In this blog we have covered the benefits of picnics, the picnic packing guide and our top 05 Aussie Picnic Snack Hamper suggestions from Hampers Galore. We guarantee that our hampers are sure to make your autumn picnics charming and memorable!

Call out your friends, family and colleagues and show them what a real picnic looks like with our delightful range of Picnic Snack Hampers. Our hampers are versatile and fun, and are sure to keep the party going all throughout autumn!

Waste no more autumn breeze and sunshine! Head over to our Hampers Galore website via and explore the endless snack options for you!