07 Must-Try Whiskey Hampers for Whiskey Lovers

Looking for a luxurious gift for a Whiskey lover in your life?

Welcome to the World of Whiskey Hampers from Hampers Galore, giving you the ultimate pleasures of Whiskeys! Captivating taste buds and evoking happy emotions, these Whiskey Hampers Australia are made to suit the styles and needs of multiple people in your life.

We have also narrowed down our insights into one easy guide, helping you make bolder decisions in picking the right Whiskey for you! Don’t go wrong by making a wrong choice when we’ve given you all you need to know. Sip your Whiskey in style and celebrate all the special moments in life, making memories and bonding on a whole new level.

Our Whiskey Hampers are also graced with lots of Australian Snacks and Whiskeys from different nations. We have curated the most elegant range of Whiskey Hampers, Australia you could ask for! These Whiskey Hampers make an ideal gift for him (for the men in your life), all while adding layers of excitement as they unwrap them.

So why wait anymore? Gift your loved ones with a timeless Whiskey Hamper that is sure to leave them thinking of you for years and years to come!

Set the scene for the world of whiskey and the joy of exploring different flavours and varieties.

The Art of Whiskey Tasting

Whiskeys are strong, complex and a definite winner in the world of alcohol! Finding the perfect taste that aligns with your taste buds is essential for you to enjoy some strong shots of Whiskey! The basic formulation of a Whiskey is fermented barley, rye, wheat, and corn, and undergoes a series of processes like fermentation, distillation and maturation of the Whiskey solution. The Whiskey is then blended with unique aromas and flavours to satisfy your palate!  

Our Whiskey Hampers are filled with great choices of Whiskey from all around the world. They carry strong tastes and flavours that usually elicit lingering emotions to savour a night-long chat with your friends. However, if you are new to the world of Whiskey, here are the basic classifications to guide you around a Whiskey bottle. Whiskeys come in 5 main categories:

    • Scotch Whiskey: Distilled in the high hills of Scotland, the Scotch Whiskey is made of malted barley, water and yeast. It’s distilled and fermented under strict rules of production, to get premium quality Scotch Whiskey!
    • Japanese Whiskey: With this perfect blend of malted barley over repeated distillations, the Japanese Whiskey is peaty and earthy. It carries a spicy, citrus-y, peaty flavour, achieved by adding the woods of the Mizunara tree! 
    • Irish Whiskey: Blended malted and unmalted barley is combined together, the Irish whiskey carries a strong flavour of caramel, pure vanilla, tropical fruit, and citrus notes. Ideal for everyone looking for a smoother finish!
    • Bourbon: Carrying over 51% of corn, this American delicacy is adored by the dynasty of Kentucky and New Orleans! Its distinctive flavour is achieved by blending grains, especially corn!
    • Rye Whiskey:The speciality of Rye Whiskeys is that they carry over 50% of rye, a spicier grain than corn or wheat. This gives the Whiskey a stronger finish, similar to a peppery, clove-like chill. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!


    Although these are the main 05 masterpieces in the Whiskey world, other blends such as Canadian and Tennessee Whiskey are also well appreciated. All of these Whiskeys are categorised into another 05 main categories based on their flavours: Sweet, Fragrant, Fruity, Spicy and Smoky (peaty)! These flavours give a diverse range of Whiskeys to choose from, adding extra oomph to your taste buds.


    Key Factors in Picking the Perfect Bottle of Whiskey

    Choosing the perfect bottle of Whiskey is a challenging game to conquer! Our experts at Hampers Galore put so much effort and consideration into nailing the perfect Whiskey for each Whiskey Hamper. Here are some tips you too must follow when hunting down the perfect Whiskey for you:

    • Labels are your Guidelight: Break down the content on the labels to understand the age, the ABV – Alcohol by Volume, the Origins of the Whiskey and the quality (limited editions are usually pricey).
    • Age: The age of the Whiskey resonates with the quality and the flavours. The older the age, the stronger the flavours. Whiskeys that are aged for a shorter period are ideal for cocktails, while the ones with a longer ageing process can be used for sipping in celebrations!
    • What you see:  Remember, in a tightly closed Whiskey bottle, appearance is key! Inspect factors like colour and clarity. The colour can change into dark and light depending on the length of the ageing process. Longer ones are darker and short ageing are lighter! Also, the clearer your Whiskey, the cleaner it is. Whiskeys with floating impurities must always be avoided!
    • The Perfect Sniff: In the Whiskey business, the Whiskey aroma depicts the quality of the Whiskey. Better Whiskeys of premium quality give you a different but interconnected aroma of spice, citrus essence, grains, fruits and also oak. If all you get is a strong smell, then your Whiskey isn’t up to the Whiskey standards!
    • Sipping to Savour: Sip your Whiskey slowly, delving into every note and flavour infused into it. Pay attention to your tongue and the burst of flavours in your mouth. Good Whiskeys play harmoniously with their flavours without focusing on just one flavour.
    • Texture and final feel: The best feeling ever is all about the sensory satisfaction after the first sip. Look for warmer, complex spirits that leave much satisfying tastes, rather than unpleasant ones. Overly grainy Whiskeys are usually not liked well among Whiskey Lovers.
    • Brand Reputation: Look out for how long the distillery has been operating. Consider the history of the distillery and its reputation among Whiskey lovers. Remember, sound and famous distilleries offer promising Whiskey to try.
    • Opinions and Reviews: Ask around for opinions. Going to a Whiskey Lover is a good place to start. You can also speak to your local bartender for a clearer insight. Gather as much as insight and then make your investment!


    Top 7 Must-Try Whiskey Hampers from Hampers Galore

    Indulge in the chivalrous act of gifting Whiskey Hampers, Australia, to all your friends, family, colleagues and everything with a complex palate to handle our Whiskey Hampers! Our gifting experts at Hampers Galore have made way for your gifting goals to be complete and perfectly memorable for all the years to come. These Whiskey Hampers carry class and so much masculinity, stealing the hearts of all Whiskey lovers. Here are our top 07 picks for you to consider the next time you are thinking of premium gifts. Cheers to happier moments in life:


    The Chivas Lover Decanter


    If you are looking to gift a smoother Whiskey lover, the Chivas Lover Decanter set will keep them up and steady on their toes. This hamper features a bottle of Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky, drained from the oldest distillery in the Scottish Highland. It is generously rich with honey and hazelnut notes, with creamy ending notes. Give your recipient the time of their life as they savour this incredible blend of Scottish Whiskey!

     Hamper Content:

    • Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml
    • Honey Homeware Glass Scotch Decanter
    • 2 Honey Homeware Scotch Glasses



    Whisky & Snack Hamper



    This Whiskey and Snack Hamper is an ideal gift for him or her, filled with snacks and savoury treats to enjoy with every sip. The Hampers Galore team has given you the royal opportunity to choose from a range of five Whiskey brands to personalise it according to your recipient’s choice. Choose from Chivas Regal, Starward Two-Fold, Jim Beam Devils Cut, Johnnie Walker Black, and Dimple, and leave your loved one mesmerised on so many levels.

    Hamper Content:

    • Choose Your Whisky
    •     Chivas Regal 700ml
    •     Starward Two-Fold 700ml
    •     Jim Beam Devils Cut 700ml
    •     Johnnie Walker Black 700ml
    •     Dimple 700ml
    • Knots & Nuts Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 200g
    • Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Deli Style Potato Chips 90g
    • Wicked Nuts Whisky Maple Bacon Peanuts 120g


    Champagne & Whisky Deluxe Hamper

    This hamper is complete decadence! The Champagne & Whiskey Deluxe Hamper is your go-to for a blend of the best of both worlds! It features a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Whisky and a Veuve Clicquot Champagne bottle, along with Macadamia nuts, Popcorn, Cheese Nibbles, Antipasto Medley and a lot more. Check out the magnificent content curated just for you:

    Hamper Content:

    • Veuve Clicquot Champagne 750ml
    • Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Whisky 700ml
    • Nutworks Macadamia Brittle 150g
    • The Indulgent Pantry Salted Popcorn 30g
    • Ogilvie & Co Smokey Cheese Nibbles 50g
    • Knots & Nuts Salted Mixed Nuts 200g
    • Sweet Victoria Delectable Chocolate Strawberries 100g
    • Ogilvie & Co Antipasto Medley 100g
    • Valley Produce Co Crackerthins 100g


    Johnnie's Gift Hamper

    Who’s up for a Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whiskey? This Johnnie Walther Gift hamper is yours if you adore aromas and flavours that lingers longer into your taste buds. With the specific range of snacks, there is no saying no! 

    Hamper Content:

    • Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch 700ml
    • Kettle Honey Soy Chicken Chips 90g
    • Knots & Nuts Classic Baked Pretzels 100g
    • Knots & Nuts Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts 150g


    Woodford Reserve Cravings



    Are you in for a gourmet treat? The Woodford Reserve Cravings hamper is as chic as it sounds! With a bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, the Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Chips, Cashews Craft Nuts and Licorice Bullets make the perfect combination to die for. Check out the full list here:

    Hamper Content:

    • Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 700ml
    • Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Chips 90g
    • Wicked Nuts Bush Honey Cashews Craft Nuts 100g
    • Chocamamma Dark Chocolate Licorice Bullets 125g
    • Kelly's Candy Co. Peanut Brittle 90g


    Starward Southern Cross Hamper

    Made with malted barley and Australian wheat, the Starward Two Fold Australian Whisky is spiced with vanilla, tropical fruits and cereal characters, rounded with red apples and berries. A sip into this glamorous Aussie Whiskey is going to leave you wanting a lot more. Bring out your glass and indulge in the Starward Southern Cross Hamper head first, with a lot more snacks to tantalise your taste buds! 

    • Hamper Content:
    • Starward Two Fold Australian Whisky 700ml
    • Wicked Nuts Whiskey Maple Bacon Peanuts 120g
    • Officers Mess B Company Honey Coated Popcorn 80g
    • So Moorish Peanut & Pretzel Chocolate Shards 150g
    • Red Rock Deli Chips 28g


    Jack Daniels' Whiskey Hamper

    The Jack Daniels' Whiskey Hamper is the perfect gentleman’s gift he can ask for! Gift this macho Whiskey Hamper to the men in your life and you could never go wrong! This is more than a bottle of Whiskey; it’s an addition to their decanter collection! All the Whiskey Lovers are sure to accept this hamper with open hands. Check out the content list and start gifting:

    Hamper Content:

    • Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey No.7 700ml
    • Honey Homeware Glass Whiskey Decanter
    • 2 Honey Homeware Whiskey Glasses


    Hamper Galore Snacks that Ideally Pairs with our Whiskey!

    Our Whiskey Hamper carries a strong personality. This is better reflected with flavoursome snacks that pair well with your taste buds! Tantalise your senses with an explosion of mouth-watering flavours that are made to hit the right spot! Here are our top favourites:


    Wicked Nuts Infused Peanut Varieties 120g

    Peanuts for lunch, Peanuts for drinks and Peanuts for dinner! There is nothing classier snack than a bag of peanuts! Indulge in a creamy buttery sensation of peanuts infused with strong flavours that will pair ideally with your Whiskey shot. Comes in 4 mesmerising flavours!  


    Ogilvie & Co Smokey Cheese Nibbles 50g

    If you love cheese on anything, the Ogilvie & Co Smokey Cheese Nibbles is your best match! Made of the highest quality ingredients, these nibbles give you all you require in one satiated bite. Pair it with your favourite Whiskey for wonders and explosions!


    Knots & Nuts Salted Pretzel Knots

    Looking for a sharable treat? These Salted Pretzel Knots are crunchy and salty, made to keep your jaws moving all night! It’s entertaining and keeps you awake and active throughout your Whiskey Party!   


    Knots & Nuts Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts 200g

    Who would ever say no to nuts and Whiskey? Pair your Whiskeys with a bowl of salted and roasted nuts like peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds and a lot more! Give your taste buds a crunching burst of explosions like never before! Grab a whole bunch of Knots & Nuts Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts and munch them down with every sip!


    Piranha Snaps Varieties 25g

    This is truly a must-have for your Whiskey nights! Don’t blame us if your snack bowls keep emptying faster than ever. It’s all in the flavours! Made of healthy potato, rice, pumpkin flour crisps and a magnificent range of natural gourmet flavours, these snacks are natural, 100% gluten-free and free from MSG! Keep the snacks running!  


    Piranha Popcorn 25g

    Keep it fun and enthusiastic on a movie night with friends. The Piranha range of popcorn is popped in premium Australian sunflower oil. They carry rich flavours like sea salt, spicy barbeque and sweet & salty, all while maintaining their nutrient content intact!


    Ogilvie & Co Antipasto Olives 115g

    If you are all about Gourmet eats, a bottle of exquisite olives is all you need! Stick a toothpick into this bottle of Ogilvie & Co Antipasto Olives and explore the tastiest stuffed olives infused with garlic and herb oil. It gets better and better with each bite!


    Shipping and Delivery of Whiskey Hampers

    We are as excited as you are! Hampers Galore Whiskey Hampers, Australia is the perfect way to break the tension. Calm your senses and keep your stresses at bay as we’ve got all your hamper deliveries sorted! These extravagant Whiskey Hampers, Australia, will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. To support your gifting plans, we have streamlined our delivery processes by relying on a third-party courier service, to ensure prompt delivery on all hampers. Choose the most suitable delivery options curated especially for you:


    Express Delivery: For just $17.95, we guarantee that your order will leave our warehouse the same day when placed on a business day, before 4 pm AEST or the next business day if placed after 4 pm AEST Monday–Friday.

    Standard Delivery: You can get your Whiskey Hampers delivered under standard delivery for a rate of $14.9. Once the order is successfully placed, it will take 1-2 Business days for your Hamper to be dispatched from our warehouse. Most orders are estimated to be delivered the next business day. Our deliveries are done by third-party courier services, and hence we do not guarantee next-day deliveries. Deliveries to rural places may take an extra day or two.

    Same-day Delivery: For a fee of $19.95, you can avail of this service to selected Melbourne Metro. Kindly note that orders for this service must be placed by 10:00 am AET, Monday–Friday.

    Weekend Delivery: Place your Mother’s Day hamper orders before 2 pm Friday, for all your weekend deliveries around the Melbourne Metro Areas. Make sure to select weekend delivery at checkout, for a low rate of $19.95.

    For further information on Whiskey Hamper deliveries across Australia, make sure to visit our Shipping and Delivery Page.


    Our Final Note to You:

    Now that’s a wrap on the Whiskey lesson to you! Our Whiskey Hampers are elegant gifting options for you to gift confidently for the men and all the Whiskey Lovers in your life! Distinguishing the good Whiskey from the bad one is essential to have a sound, lasting Whiskey experience! Explore the multiple notes and endless flavours and aromas in your Whiskey, before investing in a full bottle.

    Our Whiskey Hampers from Hampers Galore are curated to perfection, aligning with your palate’s satisfaction! Not just creamy Whiskeys, our Hampers are filled with loads of savoury snacks and nibbles for you to savour on to, while sipping onto your favourite Whiskey!

    At Hampers Galore, your expectations are sure to be surpassed with our classic Whiskey Hampers. Send out perfect Whiskey gifts to mesmerise your loved ones. If you are as psyched about these hampers as we are, head over to our website and check out the complete Whiskey Hampers Range, along with other Alcoholic Hampers. Gift Whiskey Hampers in confidence and style!