The end of the financial year is approaching, and there’s no better time to organise your EOFY gifts. In the lead up to the EOFY, your staff has been rushed off their feet trying to meet deadlines. They are getting for clients, boosting profit and, most importantly, representing your company. Show their hard work and dedication is recognised and appreciated by organising thank you gifts for your staff. 

At Hampers Galore, we have the perfect gifts for all your corporate needs. Whether you’re looking for a healthy gifting alternative, snacking feast or a hamper with alcohol, we have a little something for everyone to enjoy. While organising staff gifts may not seem important, we assure you they will be happily received and highly regarded. Below we have listed some reasons you should give your staff EOFY gifts

Why should you give gift hampers to your staff as EOFY gifts? 

As a company, you want your employees to feel comfortable and appreciated. This is easily achieved through the simple act of gift giving. However, if you are sceptical about giving hampers as your EOFY gifts, here are some reasons they make incredible gifts. 

Hampers come with a variety of products

Hampers are amazingly versatile gifts. They come with a variety of products you know your recipient will appreciate. Whether you’re looking for a snacking hamper or one that has a few keepsakes, there are plenty of hamper options available. Most hampers are themed and come with a range of items. Popular choices will include a selection of snacks that perfectly accompany a bottle of alcohol. Take your time to browse the different options and see if there’s anything that stands out to you. 

At Hampers Galore, we have created a selection of EOFY gifts for you to browse. The collection includes a variety of sweet and savoury snacking treats, indulgent drinks, and some keepsakes. Deepening on what gift you’re looking for, we have some stunning options available. If you’re planning to create hampers for your staff, we also have the opportunity to design your own hampers. Whether you have something in mind or none of our hampers stands out, you can get in touch with our team and create unique employee gifts. 

Hampers Galore EOFY Gifts

Gifts improve your employee relationships with your company 

The art of gifting has the potential to boost happiness, improve employee relationships and increase your company’s reputation. When receiving gifts, your brain is filled with endorphins that increase your happiness. As a company, you want your employees to associate that feeling with your business and its employees. Doing so will help your staff feel happier about going to work. 

Organising staff gifts demonstrate how much your company appreciates their employees, especially after working through the EOFY period. As the EOFY deadlines draw nearer, your employees are experiencing higher stress levels. There will be times when they are pushed to the limit and feel like they are going nowhere. And this is the perfect time to show them that their efforts are not being overlooked. EOFY gifts bring your company together and show that every employee is valued. 

If you’re looking for hampers that boost your employee's morale, have a look at our Chocolate, Crackers & Red and Deluxe Pamper With Moet Rose. Both hampers feature a spectacular bottle of wine and a selection of flavourful nibbles. Go to the product descriptions and see if they are the gifts you’re looking for. 

You can include branded items

When it comes to organising EOFY gifts, you want to show your employees who arranged their gifts. Whether you would like to include something small or you’re looking for a keepsake, there are plenty of options you can choose from. At Hampers Galore, we have a fantastic selection of branded items for your staff gifts. Some of our more popular options include:

Branded Sleeves

After placing a corporate order with Hampers Galore, you have the option to include branded sleeves to your hamper. The sleeves are wrapped around the hamper box, and they are the first thing your staff see. You can choose to add your logo or a message. They’re a fantastic way to promote your company. 

Personalised Chocolate Box

Thank your employees with a message on a chocolate box. After they open your gift, the chocolate box will be resting on top of all the other items. You can choose to write individual messages or choose a generic one. Feel free to get in touch with our team to find out more about what customisation options are available. 

Customised Wine Bottles

Add an extra bottle of wine to your thank you staff gifts for a relaxing treat. After a busy day at work, we know your staff will be happy to open a bottle of wine and pour themselves a glass. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to add a message. It can be as simple thank you or have a comedic flare. Be a little creative and see what message you can come up with. 

Hampers Galore dietary hampers

There are different dietary hampers available

As mentioned previously, hampers are a very versatile gift. They come with a range of different products we know your recipients will enjoy. At Hampers Galore, we have different hamper types that will make fantastic EOFY gifts. If you’re looking for a dietary appropriate gifts, we have a selection of hampers for you to choose from. Some of our more popular dietary hampers are the Vegan Snack Pack and Delightful Gluten Free. Get some feedback from your employees and see if they have any dietary restrictions. 

Hampers are fantastic thank you gifts for your staff 

Showing your appreciation to your staff can be easily accomplished by giving them a hamper with a range of products. Organising thank your gifts for your team can take time. However, they are fantastic ways to show your gratitude. Our Kindness With Chianti and The Tradies Snack Hamper has a selection of products we know your staff will enjoy. 

Why use Hampers Galore for your EOFY gifts? 

When your place a corporate order with Hampers Galore, one of our dedicated team members is assigned to your order. They will be able to help you design your ideal EOFY gifts for your staff. All our hampers are created using the highest quality products. Go to our EOFY Gifts page and see if anything catches your attention. Find your ideal staff gifts at Hampers Galore.