With the end of financial year rapidly approaching, it’s the perfect time to reach out to your clients and thank them for their support. Your company wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the aid of your clients. The EOFY can be stressful and intense. It’s important for you not to overlook the people who choose your company. There are many reasons why you would want to thank them with a hamper. 

At Hampers Galore, we have a vast collection of corporate gifts for clients. From congratulatory gifts to simple thank you hampers, there are numerous options available. With an extensive collection of hampers, we have a range of snack treats, gourmet eats and alcoholic drinks. No matter your reason, have a look at our EOFY gift collection to see if anything captures your attention. 

Why should you give gift hampers to your clients for the EOFY?

As mentioned previously, there are numerous reasons why you should organise corporate gifts for clients. At Hampers Galore, we know a thing or two about the art of gifting and hampers are a fantastic thank you gift for clients. If you’re still unsure, here are five reasons you should organise hampers for your clients. 

Hampers are versatile gifts

Hampers come with a variety of products and types. With a selection of sweet and savoury options for you to choose from, there are numerous ways you can show your appreciation. Most hampers for clients will feature a range of items and offer a collection of delicious snacks. While working alongside your client, you would learn more about their likes and dislikes. You can use this information to choose the best client hampers. 

At Hampers Galore, we know how important it is to organise incredible gifts for your clients. To make your search easier, we have created a selection of hampers for you to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for, we have dietary hampers, snacking feasts and gifts with alcohol. You can congratulate your clients or thank them for choosing your company with a hamper. Some of our more popular choices are The New Home Hamper and Chapel Hill Vegan Shiraz Hamper. See for yourself why they are incredible client gifts. 

Giving hampers helps show your appreciation 

Sending gifts to your clients is one of the best ways to thank them for choosing your company. They had several other places they could have gone with, but they decided to proceed with your business. While you might be tempted to choose a different gift, we highly recommend giving a hamper. Hampers feature a collection of products. From tasty treats to keepsakes, you can take them in various directions. They also show that your company wants them to enjoy their gifts, rather than just politely accepting them and never using them. 

Part of showing appreciation is taking an interest in your clients and putting together hampers that best suit them. Your clients wouldn’t expect to receive a hamper, and you can design a gift that caters for their specific requirements. It’s a pleasant twist to the gifting experience we know your recipients will enjoy. 

When your shop with Hampers Galore, you can choose from our pre-made hampers, or you can get in touch with our team about designing your own client's gifts. Go through our EOFY Gifts collection to see if they stand out to you. You can do almost anything with a hamper, so with the knowledge of what your client's preferences are, create a gift that caters to their needs. 

You can include branded products

Take your corporate gifts for clients to new levels by including branded items. They can be small additional items to help your clients think about your company. At Hampers Galore, you can choose to have your own branded corporate items or create something with our company. Here are some of our more popular customisable items:

Branded Sleeve

As a company, you want to leave an impression from the moment your clients open their gifts. Our hamper sleeves wrap around the hamper boxes, making them the first thing your clients see. By including a branded sleeve, they will immediately know who sent them their gift. Branded sleeves are a classy way to showcase your business. 

Hampers Galore Personalised Chocolate Box
Personalised Chocolate Box

From writing a message to including your logo, there are several ways you can make a chocolate box stand out. At Hampers Galore, we place our customised chocolate boxes on top of all the items in our hampers. As your clients open their gifts, your message will stand out. 

Customised Wine Bottle

Add some extra indulgence with a branded bottle of wine. Be creative and write a funny or congratulatory message on a wine bottle. When your recipient opens the bottle, they will know who sent them their gift. 

Giving corporate gifts to clients will boost your company’s reputation

Receiving gifts releases a rush of endorphins to your brain. The happiness your clients experience during the gifting process is the feeling you want them to associate with your company. This, in turn, will encourage them to talk about your company and all the benefits that come with it. Giving hampers to your clients is a superb way to increase your company’s reputation. 

Organising client hampers will attract more business 

After your send corporate gifts to your clients, word will spread about your company. Consumers are more likely to go with businesses that put their clients first. When you know more about the people you’re shopping for, you can custom make their gifts to suit their preferences. By sending hampers to your clients, you’re showing that your company cares about their customers. 

Why choose Hampers Galore for your EOFY gifts? 

The art of gifting no longer focuses on what your clients receive but rather the experience they have from the moment they open your gift. At Hampers Galore, we know how to make moments memorable. All our hampers are constructed using the highest quality products. And when you place an order with us, you’re assigned one of our dedicated team members who will help you every step of the way. Take your time to browse through our collection and organise unforgettable corporate gifts for your clients at Hampers Galore.