The best way to thank your employees for their hard work is with a stunning corporate Easter hamper. 

As your employees leave for their Easter break, let them know how much you value them with a hamper they can enjoy by themselves or with their families. Corporate Easter hampers are a fantastic way to strengthen bonds and boost company morale. 

At Hampers Galore, we have a range of corporate ideas you can incorporate into your Easter hampers. From adding your branding to a sleeve or a mug with your corporate logo. There’s a selection of options for you to choose from. Make this Easter different and send your employees a gift they will love. 

What’s included in an Easter hamper for employees?

Corporate Easter hampers can come with various products that vary from chocolates to wines. It’s best to try and decide on a hamper that the vast majority will enjoy and try to find an alternative for those with dietary restrictions. There are many options for you to choose from. We highly recommend taking your time and going through the available Easter hampers before deciding. 

Easter hamper for employees

How to select the best corporate Easter hampers

At Hampers Galore, we have a vast collection of Easter hampers for you to choose from. They come with an arrangement of delectable treats all your employees will enjoy. However, if you’re organising hampers for many people, figuring out which hamper will work best can be challenging. We have put together some helpful tips to follow to make your search easier. 

Decide on how you’re going to present your Easter hampers. Are you going to have them sent off to individual addresses or the office? Predetermining how you want them delivered will help you put together a budget. Knowing a budget will aid in deciding which hamper will best suit your company and employees. 

Choose a couple of hampers and ask for people's opinions. You don’t have to approach everyone; however, asking for feedback will help you pick the best hampers. Look for input about what’s included in the hamper and whether the employees will enjoy them. It might not seem like a huge thing, but it will make a difference. 

Get in contact with our team at Hampers Galore. There are numerous ways you can make your hamper spectacular, and by adding a touch of corporate branding, you’re showing that your company cares about their employees. At Hampers Galore, we have many different corporate branding options for you to choose from. If you would like to learn more about the different types, look at our corporate page

Giving your employees an Easter hamper will make them feel valued. It shows you’re wishing them a happy Easter, and you appreciate all their hard work. Take your time to find the ideal corporate Easter hampers that will wow your employees. 

Our Top 8 Easter Hampers For Your Employees

Spreading a little Easter spirit is never a bad thing. We can guarantee your employees will appreciate anything you gift them. At Hampers Galore, we know our Easter collection has a lot of options for you to choose from. Each one is different, but all the items are delicious. If you’re struggling to decide on an Easter hamper, here are some of our suggestions that we know your employees will love. 

A Shiraz Easter Decadence

A Shiraz Easter Decadence Product

This is a stunning hamper filled with rich and decadent flavours. It features a fabulous bottle of Azahara Shiraz and a lovely arrangement of chocolate eggs. It’s a little touch of Easter we know your employees will happily dig into. Surprise them with the A Shiraz Easter Decadence hamper and let them know they’re doing a marvellous job. 

Tickle Her Easter Pink

Our Tickle Her Easter Pink hamper comes with various sweet nibbles and other delightful items perfect for the Easter season. This hamper includes a Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé bottle, cloche candle, melting moments,  Easter eggs and more. There’s no better way to thank your employees for their hard work. 

Bunny Sparkle Easter Hamper

Hampers Galore Bunny Sparkle Easter Hamper Product

This is the perfect mixture of sweet and savoury snacks that leave your employees feeling valued. The Bunny Sparkle Easter Hamper comes with a Freixenet Prosecco bottle, turkish delight, salted macadamias, fudge and more. Look at all the included items and send your employees a hamper they’ll never forget. 

A Sparkling Easter Decadence

Sweet and indulgent are the best words to describe this hamper. Your employees will open their gift and be greeted by a bottle of Azahara Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir and a collection of flavourful Easter eggs. Remind your employees how important they are to your company with the A Sparkling Easter Decadence hamper. 

The Gluten Free Dotty Easter

Hampers Galore The Gluten Free Dotty Easter Product

The Gluten Free Dotty Easter hamper is one of our alternative Easter options for those with dietary restrictions. This hamper is sweet, delicious and entirely gluten free. Featuring two chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and a bag of gluten free cookies, we know they will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate this gluten free hamper. 

The Easter Vegan Hamper

This is the perfect hamper for employees who are vegan, dairy free or vegetarian. The Easter Vegan Hamper comes with an organic Easter egg, peanut butter cups and more. They are all delicious items we know your employees will appreciate. Have a look at all the included things and show how much you care about your employees and their dietary needs. 

Freckles For Easter Hamper

Hampers Galore Freckles For Easter Hamper product

It’s a bright splash of colour that perfectly represents the Easter season. Our Freckles For Easter Hamper comes with various scrumptious nibbles we know your employees will thoroughly enjoy. The only thing missing from this stunning hamper is some corporate branding. Have a look at our available options and create a memorable hamper. 

Rosy Easter Gift Hamper

Gift your employees a sweet hamper that’s slightly different but perfect for Easter. The Rosy Easter Gift Hamper comes with a stunning arrangement of melting moments, rocky road, easter eggs, freckles and more. This is the fantastic gift you’re looking for to wish your employees a happy Easter. 

Why should you get your corporate Easter hampers from Hampers Galore?

Giving your employees an Easter hamper demonstrates how much you value the time and effort they have put into your company. At Hampers Galore, you can add something extra to your gifts with some of our branded options. Show your employees that they are valued, and the company sees their hard work. You can create fantastic corporate Easter hampers for your employees with love at Hampers Galore.