Life can get stressful, and sometimes you need to hit rewind.

Being able to reset and rejuvenate does wonders for your mental and physical health. 

If you know someone in need of a relaxing night off, these are the hampers you’re after. 

What is a pamper hamper?

We all know there’s nothing better than when you can take a moment to care for yourself. Whether it’s having a cold drink after a long day or having a soak in a bath, there are plenty of ways to relax, and a pamper hamper will only enhance the experience. 

A pamper hamper is exactly what you would imagine. They are hampers filled with all the items you’ll need to relax and reset. Pamper hampers come with a range of soothing products, from refreshing alcoholic drinks to comforting chocolates. They have everything your recipient will need to help relax after a stressful time. 

Why would you send a pamper hamper gift?

There are moments in life when things get a bit difficult. Work becomes stressful, the kids aren’t doing what you want them to do, or you're just feeling down. We have all experienced similar situations, and it can get overwhelming and depressing. 

Sending a pamper hamper gift lets your recipient know you’re thinking of them. Especially when they’re going through a challenging time. Pamper hampers come with various products that can ease their worries, even if it’s just for a moment. They will be able to focus on themselves and their needs. Eat their favourite foods, have a soothing bath, light some candles and have a drink. 

It might not seem like much, by everyone needs to be able to reset every once in a while and gifting a pamper hamper will do just that. 

Can you personalise a pamper hamper?

At Hampers Galore, you won’t be able to edit any of our available pamper hampers. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You can design a pamper hamper in our Create Your Own section. Choose from our available products and build a hamper tailored to your recipient's tastes. Only some of our pamper products are available, but you’ll still be able to make a stunning gift hamper. 

Best selling pamper hampers in Australia

At Hamper Galore, we have a range of pamper hampers for your to choose from. We know we have the best pamper hampers in Australia. We have sourced the highest quality items from our lovely Australian suppliers. If you’re after ideas for what pamper hampers you should get, we have broken up our best selling hampers into categories. Have a look at some of our pamper hampers and find the perfect gift from our collection. 

Pamper hamper for her

Ladies know how great it is to have a relaxing night at home where you can focus on self care. She can make her skin glow, have a glass of her favourite drink or have a nice soak with new beauty products. Every pamper session is different but 100% worth it. If you would like some ideas for what pamper hamper for her you should get, have a look at these stunning gifts. 

Pink Chandon Rose Gift

The best way to relax is with your favourite beverage and an assortment of tasty snacks. She can light her new candle and pour herself a glass of Chandon Rosé Sparkling. She can put on a movie with the scent of her new candle filling the air. There’s no better way to rewind after a long day. 

The Beauty Kit

Gift a pamper hamper for her designed to melt her stress away. Blessed by Nature is natural, organic and completely Australian. The botanical ingredients will nourish her skin and leave her feeling refreshed and renewed. She can have a soothing shower and get ready for bed with some new products for her nighttime routine. 

The English Rose Beauty

Our rose products smell amazing, and we know she will love them as well. The English Rose Beauty hamper is filled with the best Dr Organic products. With shampoo, conditioner, toner, cleansing milk and more, it’s the perfect pamper hamper for her. Help her skin glow and send her this stunning gift. 

Best selling pamper hampers for Melbourne

Melbourne has been through some very stressful years. Going in and out of lockdowns started to become painful. If you know someone in Melbourne who needs a relaxing night, these are the perfect gift hampers for them. Our best selling pamper hampers for Melbourne have all the relaxing, comforting treats needed to melt the stress away. 


Relaxing Treat

It’s time to try a new shampoo, conditioner and soap. Your recipient can have a nice hot shower as they use their new bath products. They can complete their nighttime routine with a glass of Freixenet Italian Rose Sparkling Wine and nibble on some delectable treats. Simply changing their bath products will help them feel refreshed. 


Hot Chocolate Delight

Whether it’s for the morning or night, hot chocolate is a comforting drink that will prepare you for anything. Your loved ones can have a mug of their favourite hot drink and enjoy it with the included sweet treats. It’s the best possible pamper hamper for when you need a quick stress release. 


His Coffee & Pamper

Even men need to have a pamper session every now and then. He can start his day off right with a mug of Maccona Coffee and his new travel toiletries. Just add in some delectable treats, and you have the pamper hampers for kings. He will feel brand new after using your gift. 

Best selling pamper hampers for Sydney

Sydney is very fast paced. There are lots of things happening in quick succession. Keeping up with it all slowly becomes draining. There’s no better cure than a nice little pamper session. Our best selling pamper hampers for Sydney are the ideal medicine to cure your stress. Have a look at some of our favourites. We know we have the perfect one to melt the stress away.

Mimosas With Breakfast In Bed

This amazing hamper will last for a while. With numerous morning beverages paired with matching treats, they will have a fantastic morning. Our Mimosas With Breakfast In Bed hamper includes Organic English Breakfast Tea Bags, Caffe Aurora Coffee Sachets, 4 Mini Beerenberg Jams and more. Introduce them to a flavourful breakfast experience. 

Tea, Coffee & Bikkies

The best way to relax is with tea, coffee and biscuits. The Tea, Coffee & Bikkies hamper comes with some amazing products that will warm their body and soothe their mind. If you're going through a stressful time, the best way to relax is by brewing a hot beverage. 

Wellness & Relax Hamper

If they’re feeling a little under the weather, this is the best hamper to show them you care. While it might not seem like much, we can all agree that a hamper filled with comforting products is the perfect medicine. The Wellness & Relax Hamper has a wheat bag, tea, mug and more. You can lift their spirits with a hamper filled with comforting items. 

Best selling pamper hampers for Brisbane

There are many different reasons why you would want to send pamper hampers to Brisbane. From relaxing after work to a break from the heat, everybody needs a nice soothing self care session every now and then. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for pamper hamper to send to Brisbane, here are some of their favourites. Take your time and see what’s included. 

Deluxe Pamper With Moet Rose

This is the perfect pamper experience for everyone you know. Our Deluxe Pamper With Moet Rose will leave them feeling rejuvenated. This stunning hamper includes Moët Rosé Imperial Champagne, Summer Salt Body Crystal Facial Roller and many other delightful items. We know they will love with amazing pamper session. 

Cheeki Soak Pamper Hamper

A charming treat we know they will adore. The Cheeki Soak Pamper Hamper comes with a bottle of Freixenet Rosé and a variety of soothing items. From snacks to bath salt, we know your recipient will thoroughly enjoy this amazing pamper hamper. 

Beautifully Blessed Hamper

This is perfect for any health conscious person you know. Blessed by Nature is entirely vegan, organic and cruelty free. We know your recipient will adore their collection of stunning body products. From facial cleansers to lotions, only the best products have been included. Send your loved ones this amazing pamper hamper. We know they will love it. 

Why are the pamper hampers from Hampers Galore the best?

We all know how important it is to reset after a stressful day, and our pamper hampers are the perfect gift to do just that. At Hampers Galore, all our pamper hamper gifts come with a series of items perfect for self care. We have sourced the highest quality products for all our pamper hampers and included only our favourites. 

Have a look at our Pamper Hampers & Relaxation Gifts collection. If you’re looking for a lovely pamper hamper to lift their spirits and melt their stress away, we know we have it in our collection. Buy the perfect pamper hamper gifts at Hampers Galore.