Have you thought about organising a Mother’s Day high tea at home? 

You don’t have to go out in order to enjoy some good quality time with your mum. And we can almost guarantee she will prefer this idea as well. It’s a simple idea where you can relax in each other's company without going out in public. 

Mother’s Day allows you to thank your mother, or mother figures, for everything they have done for you. Whether you're organising a day for your mum, aunt, grandmother, sister, wife, or any other motherly figure, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation. Try something different this year and host a high tea at your house or your mother's. If you would like some suggestions, we have some lovely snack hampers listed below for you to browse through. 

What is a high tea?

A high tea is traditionally a meal where cold meats, vegetables, salads, cheeses, pies, breads and more are served. High teas were originally enjoyed by the nobility, which later expanded to the working class. 

It was considered a late afternoon meal for the working class of England towards the end of the 18th century. It’s referred to as a high tea because of the time it was held, usually during dinner, and the high backed chairs participants relaxed in.

These days, the meaning of high tea has changed to include elements of an afternoon tea. Restaurants and hotels have high teas with cakes, sandwiches, hot nibbles and tea. They can be attended any time in the afternoon and are a popular choice for Mother’s Day celebrations. 

What is the difference between ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘High Tea’?

The terms afternoon tea and high tea are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences. 

Afternoon tea. An afternoon tea is held during the mid afternoon with a display of delicious nibbles. Most afternoon teas will include a variety of scones, finger sandwiches, cakes and tea. Participants can enjoy their afternoon snacks in low backed chairs with a teacup of their preferred tea. 

High tea. A high tea is a little less elegant than an afternoon tea and includes a variety of more substantive foods. With meats, breads, fish, salads, pies, cheeses and some desserts, a high tea is considered a light supper with tea. 

Depending on the establishment, different types of food and beverages are provided. While the main component of a high tea or afternoon tea is hot tea, you can also enjoy champagne, wine, and a variety of other drinks. Every high tea or afternoon tea is different, and you can choose a venue or host that features your preferences. 

How to host a high tea for Mother’s Day

Hosting a Mother’s Day high tea at your home can be a little stressful, but it will be worth it. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for creating memories, and hosting a high tea at home is an exquisite idea. Here are the steps to follow to make your Mother’s Day high tea unforgettable. 

Create a guest list

Think about all the people your mum would like in attendance. It could be children, grandchildren, close friends, sisters, brothers and any other significant person she would like to be there. This can also be an event for multiple motherly figures. So think about all the important people in their lives and add them to your guest list. 

Send out invitations

Every important event needs an invitation. Whether you handwrite and deliver it, or you put together an e-vite. You can make the invitation grandiose or subdued. Think outside the box and choose a theme your mother figures will adore. You might even choose to give all the information to your guests and surprise your mum. Note down the time, date and location of your high tea and find out how many people can attend. 

Plan a menu and arrange the food

Think about all the people you have attending and determine a selection of foods that best suits everyone. While this is an event for your mum, you still want everyone to feel comfortable. Typically, a high tea will consist of foods including pies, vegetables, fish, cheese, cold meats and a variety of other substantial finger foods. We recommend supplying a variety of sandwiches, pies, scones and other small nibbles. As you are hosting the high tea, you can choose a range of foods that work best for the crowd you’re feeding. Be sure to take note of any dietary requirements and create a delicious spread. 

Decorate your home for the Mother’s Day high tea

Whether it’s getting matching place settings or rearranging your space, you should go all out for a Mother’s Day high tea. Create a space your mother figures will adore. From small tables with flower arrangements or stunning teapots placed on every table, there are many design directions you can go. Choose a theme that works best for your space and the number of people attending. 

Open your home to your guests

If you have everything planned out, hosting your high tea will be a breeze. Bring out the food in intervals and give your guests an experience they will remember. And don’t forget to thank your mum and let her know how much she means to you. After all, this is a high tea to celebrate her.  

Have you thought about ordering a Mother’s Day hamper with tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Any Mother’s Day high tea hamper will contain a delicious variety of hot beverage items. There are a lot of people who don’t enjoy a cup of tea but don’t worry; there are some delectable alternatives that will make any high tea memorable. Here are some of our favourite tea, hot chocolate and coffee hamper for you to browse through. And of our suggested Mother’s Day hampers will be the perfect accompaniment to your high tea. 

Cookie and Treat Hamper

No Mother’s Day high tea hamper will be complete without a selection of Chocolates and Cookies. The Cookie and Treat hamper includes Shortbread Cookies, Chunky Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Coated Strawberries and Milk Chocolates from well-known Australian brands like Whisk & Pin, Byron Bay, Molly Woppy, Darrell Lea, So Moorish and Ogilvie & Co. Your mum is sure to jump in excitement as you pamper her with the sweetest hamper in town!

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Nothing beats the combination of sweet nibbles and tea. We know the only thing missing from your Mother’s Day high tea is a take home hamper your mum will enjoy. Our Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Hamper contains some intriguing goodies like Queen Victoria English Breakfast and Green Tea Bags, Caffé Aurora Premium Coffee Sachets, Ogilvie & Co Chocolate Chip Cookies, Knots & Nuts Milk Chocolate Peanuts and a lot more. It’s a delicious combination we know your mum will adore. 

The Coffee Delight Hamper

The Coffee Delight Hamper Product

If your mother prefers coffee, we know she will adore this Mother’s Day hamper. While it might not be the traditional high tea accompaniment, it doesn’t change its delicious flavour. The Coffee Delight Hamper features our Byron Bay Coffee Company Classic Plunger Coffee and a new coffee plunger for your mum to use at home. Whether you use it in your high tea or not, this is the perfect hamper for your mum to take home. 

Deluxe Hot Chocolate Hamper

Your mother can go home after your Mother’s Day high tea and enjoy the sweet tastes of our Deluxe Hot Chocolate Hamper. This stunning hamper has everything your mum will need to create the best hot chocolates. With Melbourne Cocoa Hot Chocolate, marshmallows, artisan cookies, a new mug and more, she can make a mug of hot chocolate, sit down and relax after a long but joyous day. 

Vegan Love Bug

This is the ideal vegan hamper to accompany your high tea. The Vegan Love Bug hamper includes a tin of Loving Earth Organic Drinking Chocolate and a variety of vegan friendly sweet and savoury nibbles. Have a look at all the included items and give your mum and Mother’s Day hamper she will thoroughly enjoy. 

Mum's Mimosas

To complete Mother’s Day for your mum, surprise her with a Mum's Mimosa Hamper. After your Mother’s Day high tea has ended, you can give your mum an alcohol hamper that will help her wind down while soaking herself in the smells of the Sweet Almond Shea Butter Hand Balm by Empire Australia. The Mum's Mimosa Hamper includes a mini bottle of Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot, Orange Juice, Cookies, Mini Jams, Coffee, Tea, Chocolates and a soothing Hand Balm. Your mum is sure to embrace this feeling until the next morning. Once you see all the included items, you will add this hamper to your cart.  

Why should you buy Mothers Day Hampers from Hamper Galore? 

At Hampers Galore, we are continuously adding new hampers to our collection that contain the highest quality products available. If you choose to host a Mother’s Day high tea, we have the perfect hampers to accompany your event. The only thing missing from our hampers is a message from you. At Hampers, Galore, all our Mother’s Day hampers come with a free Mother’s Day card where you can include a thoughtful, sentimental or comical message. 

Host a Mother’s Day high tea and give your mum an experience she will treasure.