How To Choose The Right Corporate Gifts For Clients

As the end of financial year draws nearer, there’s no better time to thank your clients. Giving corporate gifts can increase the competitiveness of your business and strengthen your relationships with your clients. Corporate gifting has the potential to increase loyalty and improve relations. Your clients will feel more inclined to go with your company after receiving a thoughtful gift.  

At Hampers Galore, we have some superb choices for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a hamper with alcohol, a snacking hamper or a hamper with corporate branding, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. However, if you're struggling to determine which gifts you should go with, we’re here to help. Learn from our step by step guide and find the perfect corporate gifts for your clients. 

Our step by step guide to choosing the perfect corporate gifts

Hampers Galore step by step guide to choosing the perfect corporate gifts

Gifting for other people can be difficult or a breeze, depending on whom you’re shopping for. When it comes to corporate gifts for clients, you want to give them something that impresses them, a gift they will enjoy. There are a variety of directions you can take, and one of the best options is corporate gift hampers. Hampers are an extremely versatile gift that offers you plenty of opportunities to WOW your clients. Corporate gifts are a fantastic strategy that will get your company name out there and strengthen relationships with your clients. If you are having trouble finding the best options for you, here is our step by step guide for choosing the best corporate gifts in Australia. 

Look for a gift your client will appreciate

What you might think is a fabulous gift may not be the case for your clients. So, before you start looking for corporate gifts, take a moment to think about your client. As you worked alongside your client, you got to know them. You learned some of their likes, dislikes and what their preferences are. With this information on hand, you can create a corporate gift that targets their interests. Once you have an idea of what they would like, start browsing through our collections to see if anything stands out to you. 

Browse through different options

As you look for corporate gifts for your clients, don’t just settle on the first option you find. One of the best things you can do is browse through our options and see if anything stands out to you. As we mentioned in the previous step, ideally, you want to focus on a gift your clients will enjoy. While you go through different corporate gifting options, think about what they will appreciate and choose gifts that suit your clients. At Hampers Galore, we have numerous options available, and all of them will make exceptional corporate gifts. Have a look at some of our best selling corporate gifts in our Corporate Catalogue. 

Look for high quality corporate gifts

As we have discussed before, the message you leave with your clients can create a lasting impression. To show how much you value their business, look for high quality corporate gifts. They could include beauty products, gourmet treats, corporate branded items and more. At Hampers Galore, we source only the highest quality products for our corporate gifts. Whether you’re after an Australian made hamper or a delectable treat, we have plenty of high quality items for you to choose from. 

Gift a hamper with a message

While you can take this step literally, at Hampers Galore, we have options available that allow you to take it figuratively. On a literal level, you can congratulate your clients with a message that will be included with your hamper. Or you can create a message using the hamper itself. For example, if you want to congratulate your clients on buying a new home, we have some house shaped hamper options. Giving corporate gifts with a message will make all the difference to your clients. 

Add some corporate branded items

Once you have decided on a corporate gift for your client, add some branded products to leave a lasting impression. They can be little keepsakes your clients can keep and be reminded of your business. Depending on what type of corporate gifts you go with, the branded items might change. The fantastic thing about hampers is that you can add almost anything to them. At Hampers Galore, we have a range of branded items you can include with your hampers. From candles to mugs, your clients will use and remind them of your company. 

Talk to our team

At Hampers Galore, we have a collection of stunning hampers, and all of them will make tremendous corporate gifts. If at any point, you’re struggling to decide what corporate gifts you should send your clients, our team will be more than happy to help you find unforgettable or create unforgettable corporate gifts. Go to our corporate page for more about our corporate gifting services. 

Top corporate gifts at Hampers Galore 

When you choose or create a corporate gift, you want to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Your relationships with your clients can mean everything to your business, and strengthening that relationship will only increase your company’s reputation. At Hampers Galore, we have some of the best corporate gifts in Australia. If you’re struggling to decide which corporate gift you should give, here are some of our top corporate gift choices. Have a look at the different types and see if any of them stand out to you. 

The Very Aussie Hamper

Thank your clients for choosing your company with two bottles of wine. The Very Aussie Hamper features a range of Australian made products. With two bottles of Sans + Pareil Estate wine and a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles, It’s a fantastic way to show our appreciation. You could choose to keep the ‘Supporting Australian’ sleeve or substitute it with a branded one.  

Moet & Home Celebrations

Who wouldn’t want a bottle of congratulatory champagne? Send your clients our Moet & Home Celebrations corporate gift. It includes a bottle of Moët Brut Imperial Champagne, champagne glasses, a candle, a cheese board and a selection of gourmet nibbles. It’s the ultimate way to thank your clients. Go to the product description to find out more about the included items. 

Aussie Gourmet Sweets Hamper

If you know your client has a sweet tooth, they will simply adore this hamper. Our Aussie Gourmet Sweets Hamper is a corporate gift made in Australia that supports Australian businesses. It features a variety of sweet gourmet items we know your recipients will appreciate. From a dessert set to hot chocolate, it’s a scrumptious sweet treat that will impress your clients.

Australian Gourmet Foodie Hamper

If your client doesn’t drink alcohol, this is an exquisite substitution. From chips to macadamias, our Australian Gourmet Foodie Hamper has everything needed to thank your clients. Whether you send this hamper to them or give it in person, it will leave a lasting impression. Read through our product description if you would like to learn more about the included items. 

Snack Indulgence Hamper

This feasting treat is one of our best selling corporate gifts in Australia. If your client is a fan of snacking items, our Snack Indulgence Hamper is all you’ll need. It comes with various sweet and savoury items that will quench their craving. Make your Snack Indulgence Hamper more corporate by including a branded chocolate box.   


New Home For Tea & Coffee

Congratulate your client on purchasing a new home with a tea and coffee hamper. Our New Home For Tea & Coffee is shaped like a house and contains various products. With a coffee plunger, mugs, hot chocolate, tea and more, we know your clients will enjoy every item. You will find a more detailed list of all the items in our product description. 

Australian Combo Hamper

Show your support for Australian businesses with a hamper your clients will appreciate. With two bottles of Azahara wine and a selection of sweet and savoury nibbles, there’s no better way to thank your clients. Our Australian Combo Hamper has a variety of tasty treats, making it one of our best selling corporate gifts in Australia. Leave a lasting impression with one of our corporate branded sleeves. 

The Dimple Lover

Bring a little excitement by giving a corporate gift with whisky. The Dimple Lover hamper features a fabulous bottle of Dimple 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky, a decanter set and some delicious black truffle crisps. Your clients can display and showcase their new decanter set. It’s a deluxe hamper that will surprise and impress your clients. 

Crown & Sports Lover

Our Crown & Sports Lover hamper is one of the best corporate gifts for clients. It includes four bottles of Crown Lager, chocolates, popcorn, nuts and more. Your recipient can relax after a stressful day and enjoy all the delicious items in this hamper. Go to the product description to learn more about the beer and included products. 

Corporate branded items

At Hampers Galore, we have different corporate branded products you can add to your hampers. Our popular choices are personalised chocolate boxes, branded hamper sleeves and customised candles. Whether you choose to write a message or incorporate your company logo, there are numerous ways you can make your corporate gifts unique. 


Give your clients an item they will use. We can attach your brand logo to our corporate candles and give your clients a little something special. The candle will be placed inside your hamper, and it will be one of the first items your recipient sees. It’s a little touch that will leave an impression. 


At Hampers Galore, we have a customisable mug where you can add your corporate branding. It can be a little keepsake that your client can use and think of your company. Once your mug is made, it’s placed inside your hamper. We will surround it with all the delectable treats you have chosen to include. 

Chocolate Box

Congratulate your clients with a message on a chocolate box. Whether you choose a design from our selection or you want to add some branding, our chocolate box labels are entirely customisable. Get in contact with our team to find out what options are available to you. 

Go to our Corporate Page to find out more about corporate branded items. 

Why should you choose Hampers Galore for your corporate gifting?

At Hampers Galore, we specialise in creating high quality gift hampers for any occasion. When you place a corporate gift order with us, you’ll receive a dedicated accounts manager who will help you through the process every step of the way. We also have an in house graphic designer to help you create your corporate branded items. Look at our options and make memorable corporate gifts at Hampers Galore.