Holiday Gifts to Impress Staff & Clients: Unique Christmas Hampers to Say It All

A perfectly crafted Christmas Hamper might hold the best of this season’s greetings.

Let’s find out why.

Navigating commerce, contracts, and business deals can resemble being thrown on a carousel of dizzying uncertainty. Too often, plans drop, halt, and get hurled in the air blowing up into smithereens.

Despite this, there’s no denying that good business and trade make our lives so much better. These processes, though daunting, make all things possible.

So instead of staying down when the world of money-making kicks us to the side, we pick up where we left off, and grow stronger.

It all takes an incredible amount of effort – and teamwork!

Whenever notes and digits have you down, it’s the people you do business with that help you push through hard times.

The unfaltering dedication of your staff and the steadfast reliability of your clients are the magic potions that make some steep goals a reality.

This Christmas, acknowledge their efforts in crafting vibrant future possibilities for your company in earnest. It’s time to show them you know really know the part they play.

So, let’s gift with integrity and sincerity this season - A Christmas Hamper just might be what says it all.

Why Gift Christmas Hampers to Your Staff & Clients?

All things considered; we understand how humanly difficult corporate Christmas gifting can be. As grateful as you are to your staff and clients, finding the right gifts for each and every one of them is beyond anyone’s capability. You may have dozens of clients and employees – or even hundreds!

Of course, generic gifts just aren’t an option. For this reason, holiday gifting could get incredibly time-consuming, and go well beyond your budget.

At Hampers Galore, we know this confusion all too well. This is why we have prepared several tips – and solutions – to help you do your holiday gifting right.

We know Christmas hampers are a versatile gift choice that’s sincere, personal and endlessly customisable.

Here’s what to consider before getting them for your staff and clients:

Gifting Clients Right:

Be Thoughtful: What Do They Like?

This may sound obvious. Regardless, gifting your clients something they like is the most important factor in making your gift matter.

But sometimes, you simply haven’t known your clients long enough. Maybe they’re only weeks away from getting on board a deal with your brand, and you want to show your thanks.

And some clients, simply tend to stay private no matter how long they’ve worked with you. They’re not very expressive about their personal likes and dislikes – and this is perfectly fine.

When there are no obvious signs, it’s important to watch out for the things they don’t say, but do show. Do they keep many pictures of their family and kids in their office?

Have they ever mentioned how much they enjoy watching a game of football? Are there photographs, medals, and trophies from their days playing Rugby in university?

Watch and listen. The little things hint at what’s best to put in a Christmas hamper for your client.


Culture Matters

Before gifting your clients take a moment to observe their company culture and even personal traditions.

These things can give you valuable insights into the dos and don’ts of gifting each client.

If your business partner is an enthusiastic environmentalist and holds this principle for their brand as well, it may be inappropriate to gift them a hamper laden with polythene and plastic wrap.  

Also, if your client’s business surrounds promoting healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle choices, your Christmas hamper for them should reflect that. Avoid packing your hamper with sugary sweets and indulgent foods.

Take a moment to consider their personal culture as well. Is your client very traditional? Or are they avid followers of the latest technologies and developments? Do they talk about where their great-grandparents lived before arriving in Australia?

Make sure you watch out for the things your clients value.


Do Include Good Food & Drink

The right kinds of food and drink give any gift a truly warm touch. This is another reason why Christmas hampers are a perfect client gift.

Gourmet gifts are always a delight. The best part about snacks and treats is that they’re sharable! A food gift will have your clients thinking about their friends and loved ones.

However, before you settle on what goes into their Christmas hamper, consider any dietary restrictions or eating habits they may have.

At Hampers Galore, we have streamlined choosing Christmas hampers based on diet. We offer vegan, ketogluten-free, and a variety of other health-conscious Christmas hampers for that extra personal touch.


Don’t Go Cheap on Packaging and Presentation

A good unboxing experience sets the stage for how well your gift is received. The presentation of your hamper hints at the effort you put into the contents of your gift basket.

So, do take time to pick out a beautiful ribbon or a stylish hamper sleeve for your corporate Christmas gift!

At our store, picking out the perfect package for your client's Christmas Hampers is as easy as a few clicks. Or you can make requests for unique ideas for presentation with a simple call to our team!



Always Add a Few Thoughtful Words

Some might find this cheesy and too personal. But, tucking in a note in your client’s gift should not be skipped.

It goes without saying that your message to them should be a few professional words toasting a stronger, more fruitful partnership in the years to come.

And of course, you could also recall a successful business milestone you reached together and thank them for it.

Most importantly, keep it short!


Bonus: Brand Your Christmas Hamper Appropriately

This is a common mistake to be avoided at all costs. Never brand every single hamper goodie with your company’s logo.

It comes off as sales-y and erases all your efforts at personalising your gift. Your Christmas Hamper to your clients should not come off as a pushy advert for your brand.

Instead, place your logo tastefully on one prominent hamper item. This way, your branding will stand out, and so will your dedication to maintaining trust with your client.


How To Celebrate Your Staff with the Perfect Gift?

Team Gift Speak Best

Working in a team takes a lot of coordination, planning, and communication. It takes effort and hard work to achieve goals together.

Gifting Christmas hampers to your staff by team shows your sincerity to them. On the other hand, a general gift given out to your whole staff in bulk might seem like pandering to your employees. Needless to say, it’s a low-effort choice, and your staff will readily notice it.

Preparing Christmas hampers for each team member to celebrate their common victories shows that you have been paying attention to your employees and their contributions.

It improves job satisfaction and motivates them to do even better in future projects. So, remember to keep your staff gifts team-specific.

This way, each employee receives their own Christmas hamper. Most importantly, they will know they are acknowledged.


Thank Them for a Specific Goal in a Thoughtful Note

This is where giving team-specific gifts plays to your strength again. Instead of a note with bland seasonal greetings, place a message of thanks for a recent team achievement.

Trust us! It will make a difference.


Consider Dietary Preferences

A Christmas Hamper always packs delicious goodies, and everyone must be able to enjoy them. If someone in your staff is gluten-intolerant or has a hard time digesting dairy, it’s advisable to avoid goodies that trigger these conditions.

With Hampers Galore, bulk corporate gift customisation is easy. Whether you’re gifting for 50 or 150 staff members, we make gift hamper customisation as easy as one call.


Include Self-Care Hamper Goodies

Show you care about your employees’ rest and relaxation by including pamper products in your staff Christmas Hamper.

Self-care and spa items paired with herbal teas and incense in your Christmas gift basket are a message to your staff to rest and rejuvenate in their time off.

This gesture adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your seasonal gifts.


Be Sincere

The trinkets and knick-knacks you include in your staff Christmas hamper speak volumes about your sincerity and goodwill towards your employees.

Make sure you pick out high-quality food and drink for your gift baskets for a genuine touch.

Hampers Galore packs snacks, treats, and drinks that were hand-picked for their exceptional quality by our dedicated gift-crafting professionals.

This way, you know you’re gifting your employees with the best. In turn, your team will know their hard work is appreciated.


This Christmas, when you are gifting your staff and clients, choose a Christmas Hamper from Hampers Galore! When in doubt, you can even create your own.