If you know someone who’s about to celebrate their 18th, this is the perfect place for you. At Hampers Galore, we have a fantastic range of milestone hampers, but let’s face it, we know you’re only interested in our 18th birthday hampers. We will go over our top options shortly, but before then, let’s have a chat about why we celebrate our 18th birthday. 

In Australia, turning 18 is a very significant time. You’re legally an adult which means you can buy property, get your driver's licence, vote, and more. Everyone looks forward to their 18th birthday, and you can help make this special day memorable with a delectable gift. 

How to select the perfect 18th birthday hampers

Before we go over our top 18th birthday hampers in Australia, let’s go back to basics. How do you choose the best 18th birthday hampers? Whether or not you have experience with the art of gifting, here are some helpful tips to make your search easier. 

Look for an 18th birthday hamper that will enhance the experience. You only get to experience your 18th birthday once, so to make the event special, you can organise a stellar gift hamper that personifies what it means to be 18. As they turn the legal drinking age, you can make the experience fun by organising a hamper with alcohol. See what options are available and send them a hamper they will love. 

Read the product descriptions. At Hampers Galore, we have a collection of hampers for 18th birthday, and they all come with a range of different products. To make your search easier, we detail everything about our gifts in our product descriptions. From listing all the snacks to describing the included beverages, you can find all this and more in the product descriptions. 

Compare different options. Don’t settle for the first 18th birthday hamper you find. Browse through different options to see what’s available before you make a decision. At Hampers Galore, we have a fantastic range of hampers you can choose from. See what’s available and compare different options before you make a decision.

Buy the best 18th birthday hampers in Australia

At Hampers Galore, we’re making moments memorable, and there’s no better way to celebrate the day than with an 18th birthday hamper. Take a look at the hampers listed below. Give your friends, family members or work colleagues an unforgettable gift. 


Happy 18th Happy Crown Hamper


Happy 18th Happy Crown Hamper


With four bottles of Crown Lager Beer and a collection of our favourite snacks, any 18 year old would be happy to receive this hamper. As your recipient enjoys their 18th birthday celebrations, we know they will appreciate this hamper. Go to the product description to find out more about the included items. 




Happy 18th Cruising Along Birthday


Happy 18th Cruising Along Birthday


Help your loved ones celebrate their 18th birthday with our Happy 18th Cruising Along Birthday hamper. This delectable gift includes three Vodka Cruisers along with a collection of sweet and savoury snacks. As far as 18th birthday hampers go, this one will be hard to beat. 




Happy 18th Somersby Fun


Happy 18th Somersby Fun


Any new adult will be more than happy to receive this sweet treat. With three bottles of Somersby Cider and a collection of scrumptious treats, our Happy 18th Somersby Fun is the perfect gift for any 18 year old. Have a look at all the included items to see if this is the gift you have been searching for. 




Why should you get your 18th birthday hampers from Hampers Galore? 

At Hampers Galore, we have the perfect gifts for every occasion, and if you can’t find your ideal hampers for 18th birthdays in our collection, there’s no indeed for you to fear. Our 18th Birthday hamper box design can be added to any of our hampers. See what options are available and give your loved ones an unforgettable 18th birthday hamper.