At this stage, Christmas is nothing but a hassle fest, with the boss's endless nagging, frustrating phone calls, price lists and whatnot. If you are still on the lookout for corporate Christmas gifts and corporate Christmas hampers. Oh boy, are you running late. If you are an employee or a member of a company who's stuck without good Christmas gift ideas even just days ahead for Christmas, this is for you. Put your worrisome heart aside for a minute, and absorb this into your head. Because what I'm going to give you is the cheat sheet and the checklist of how to find the best corporate Christmas hampers even at the last minute. It is actually easy as 1, 2, 3. In fact, it really is threefold. Here we go.


1. Research on the Internet to find the best brands for corporate Christmas hampers.

We don't have time to play around. We have to shoot sharp and get things done as fast as possible. So the first step you take, or the first cheat you do is getting onto a computer or a smartphone and start Googling for the brands that are best known for corporate Christmas hampers and other great Christmas gift ideas. And when you do the research, there are a few factors you need to consider and confirm on. Because we have no room for errors this time.


  1. Is the brand popular and well known?
  2. Is it a well-experienced brand or has it suddenly emerged?
  3. How do the others feel about the brand? Read the reviews.
  4. Do they have the ideal Christmas gift hampers you need?
  5. If yes to the above, do they have it in sufficient amounts in stock?
  6. How soon can they deliver and how far can they deliver? (If they deliver with Australia Post, it may not be the best choice. Read this.)
  7. Do the prices fit well into your budget span?


Checklist for corporate Christmas hampers


If you can mark all of the above in Green, you are good to go to our next cheat.


2. Create a list of Christmas gift hampers you want to order with all the specifics noted well.

I am stressing the fact "no room for errors" throughout this read. I have to. This is one of them too. Now that you have found and chosen the ideal provider for your corporate Christmas hampers, it is time to inform them and request them of your order. But before that. You need to know everything you should know about each one of them. Because you won't have time to make changes once you have ordered. Not because the brand cannot make changes. Because you simply don't have time.


shop for corporate Christmas hampers


Create a list of all the different Christmas gift hampers you have to order for your employer and be sure to note the specifics, like personalized messages, special add-ons, customizations and such. Once you have created the list with all the details, you can now start ordering with your corporate Christmas hampers provider.


3. Keep things on track. Be in touch with the provider.

Now that you have placed your order, you can proudly go to your boss and gloat that you have done it. (don't tell that you waited till late). But be sure that bragging won't go sideways. Because sometimes it can happen. You need to make continuous contacts and be in touch with your provider of Christmas gift hampers because, 


  1. You need to keep track of your order is being arranged and delivered well. Some brands may not feel the urgency as much as you do.

  2. The hamper provider may also need to be in touch with you to confirm and reconfirm everything to ensure everything happens well. Because, well, since this is a last-minute order, a simple error could kill all the excitement we maintained till now. And such frustration can also affect the brand as well. And they don't want that.


keep in touch for corporate Christmas hampers


Your hamper provider will most likely be in good communication with you. There are well-known brands out there for maintaining transparency with the client, like Hampers Galore, and some other renowned names.


You have Cheated Successfully!

So that's it. Once you have ticked off everything we just discussed, you can grab a sock from somewhere and yell "Dobbie is Free!!" You can finally enjoy the real joyous spirit of Christmas with no hassle, and enjoy it whom you like the most and what you like the most. How about ordering another hamper for yourself? (On your budget! Okay? 😜) Go ahead. We don't judge.


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