Australian Father’s Day Hamper Guide 2024

It only happens once a year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special. 

Your dad took you to sports games, the park, the beach and any other place you can think of. He was always there to show you a good time and taught you to enjoy life.

Father’s Day is a fantastic time to thank him for always being there for you. It doesn’t matter that you might have moved away from him. You can still celebrate the day even if you can’t be together. Send your dad a gift he will adore and make his next Father’s Day memorable. 

When is Father’s Day in Australia?

In Australia, Father’s day falls on the first Sunday in September. In 202, Father’s day will be on the 1st of September. But that doesn’t mean you only have to celebrate your dad on one day. 

While Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank him for everything he’s done for you, there are still plenty of other opportunities to show your appreciation. Whether it’s for a special occasion or not, you can still send your dad a Father’s Day hamper any day of the year. 

Why do you need a Father’s Day hamper?

You love your dad dearly, but let’s face it, he’s incredibly hard to shop for. Any ideas you have he could have already bought, and he doesn’t wait for someone else to buy him what he needs. Like every other male, he is difficult to surprise. And that’s why Father’s Day hampers are fantastic. 

Father’s Day gift hampers come with a range of different products. You can find hampers with his favorite snacks, beverages and maybe even a little something extra. There are endless possibilities to the options available. And we can guarantee he won’t be expecting it. Don’t get the same old boring socks and underwear. Do something a little more exciting and have a look at some hampers. 

Our guide to finding the perfect Father’s Day hampers for you

There are many different types of hampers available, and narrowing down your options can be challenging. At Hampers Galore, we have put together a selection of our best chocolate hampers, beer hampers and our top selling options in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Have a look at our suggestions and find the perfect one for your incredible dad. 

What are the best Father’s Day chocolate hampers?

If he is a lover of chocolate, we know he will love these incredible gifts. Chocolate is creamy and delicious. Chocolate is nearly everyone’s favorite sweet treat, and if your dad agrees, he will love any of these amazing hampers. Find the perfect Father’s Day chocolate hampers at Hampers Galore. We know you will find the perfect Father’s Day gift in our collection. 

Chocolate, Crackers & Red

Chocolate and red wine is the best combination. If your dad enjoys an indulgent experience, he will simply adore this hamper. The Pepperjack Shiraz melds well with the Whittakers Chocolate Slabs and Sea Salt & Caramel Brittle Chocolate. It is a perfect delectable treat to make him feel like a king. 

Snack With Somersby

A bottle of refreshing cider is always an excellent way to complete a busy day. Our Snack With Somersby hamper comes with an assortment of chocolates and savory snacks along with 3 Somersby Cider varieties. It’s a refreshing gift that will leave your dad wanting more. 

What are the best Father’s Day beer hampers?

The only way to celebrate is with a bottle of beer. Your dad can settle down in front of the TV, put on his favorite show, and sip his favorite beverage. He won’t care if it’s a hot or cold day; he will always appreciate a nice cold beer, whatever the weather may be. If you’re struggling to find Father’s Day present, we highly recommend one of our Father’s Day beer hampers. Have a look at some of our favorites and find the ideal gift for your dad.  

Crown & Sports Lover

Father’s Day is around the time when finals are being played. From AFL to Rugby, there’s plenty for him to watch. He can settle down and pull out this hamper while cheering for his favorite team. The four bottles of Crown Lager will get him in the mood for a competitive game. 

For The Love Of Beer Hamper

Treat your dad to something unique. Our For The Love Of Beer Hamper comes with four craft beers and all the perfect sweet and savoury snacks to accompany. Bring a smile to his face and introduce him to new and different types of beer. It’s a delectable hamper he will wish he had more of. 

The Craft Beer Pack

A bottle of craft beer will take you on an adventure. Three bottles will make it unforgettable. The Craft Beer Pack hamper has three different types of craft beer and all the match snacks. If your dad is a lover of beer, we know he will greatly appreciate this delightful hamper. 

What are the best Father’s Day whisky hampers?

Whisky is a timeless drink that’s perfect for Father’s Day. Different whisky has different flavour profiles, and if you’re unfamiliar with whisky, this can get a little confusing. But don’t worry. If you are unsure which whisky your dad would like, we have included information about all our alcohol at the bottom of our product descriptions. If your old man is a fan of stronger drinks, we know he will greatly appreciate any of these tremendous hampers. 

Whisky Deluxe With Johnnie Walker Gold

If your dad is a whisky collector, we know he will appreciate this fantastic gift. The star of the show is the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky, and the matching decanter set is the perfect accompaniment. You can give him a deluxe Father’s Day hamper that will ensure you’re the favorite. 

His #1 Hamper

Pick his favorite whisky and show him how much you know him. All his favorite sweet and savory snacks have been included, and all you need to do is select his favorite beverage. With a choice between Chivas Regal, Dimple, Johnnie Walker Black or Jack Daniels No.7, you can gift him a hamper tailored to his tastes. 

The Dimple Lover

Do you want to have the showstopping gift of the day? The Dimple Lover hamper comes with a stunning decanter set and a fantastic bottle of Dimple 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky. We know your father will happily have this stunning bundle on display. 

Best selling Father’s Day hampers in Melbourne?

There are many different places you can take your dad for Father’s Day in Melbourne. From restaurants to performances, there’s no end to the options available. But why stop with just taking him out? The fantastic thing about hampers is you can find ones filled with all your dad's favorite items. Make this Father’s Day one to remember and surprise him with one of the best Father’s Day hampers in Melbourne

The Very Aussie Hamper

When one bottle of wine isn’t enough, why not grab two? The Very Aussie Hamper comes with everything you need to have a complete Australian experience. All the products included in this hamper are sourced from local Australian businesses. This is a fantastic Father’s Day hamper that represents everything Australian. 

The Johnnie Walker Gold Legacy

This is a classy Father’s Day hamper from Melbourne that will put a smile on his face. The Johnnie Walker Gold Legacy hamper comes with a stunning bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, chocolate, biscuits and chips. We know he will simply adore everything in this hamper. 

The Coffee Loving Dad Hamper

The best way to wake up is with a hot cup of coffee and maybe some nibbles to go with it. Our His Coffee & Pamper hamper even comes with a Handsome On-The-Go Travel Pack. Your father will have no issue waking up in the morning after receiving this standout hamper. 

Best selling Father’s Day hampers in Sydney? 

The best Father’s Day gift ideas are filled with delicious snacks and flavorful beverages. All our best selling Father’s Day hampers for Sydney delectable snacks that we know your dad will greatly appreciate. The only this missing from these fantastic gifts is a lovely message from you. All our Father’s Day gift hampers come with a free greeting card where you can thank your dad for everything he has done for you. Have a look at some of our best selling options. We know we have the perfect gift for you. 

Cheese Board & Crackers Hamper

If he loves entertaining people, we know he will be pulling this beauty out for future Father’s Days. The cheese board comes with a four piece knife set that he will proudly display. The only other thing needed is some fresh cheeses he can share with the family. 

Getting In The Spirit

This hamper allows you to choose is favorite spirit and mixer combo. Why settle for an average hamper when you can have one custom made to fit his preferences. Getting In The Spirit hamper will definitely prepare him for anything that happens on Father’s Day. 

Best selling Father’s Day hampers in Brisbane?

Father’s Day is a fantastic time to let your dad know how much he means to you. Brisbane isn’t all that far away when you can send your dad a Father’s Day gift hamper. If you can’t see him on this special day, you can still let him know you’re thinking of him. Have a look at some of our best selling Father’s Day hampers for Brisbane and find the perfect gift to complete his Father’s Day.  

The Glenlivet Lover

If your dad is a fan of whisky, we know he will adore this terrific hamper. The Glenlivet Lover comes with a fabulous bottle of Glenlivet Founders Reserve Whisky, a matching decanter set and some scrumptious nibbles. He will proudly have this gift on display. 

Dad's Johnnie Walker Golden Decanter

This is the decanter hamper we know your dad will appreciate. The Johnnie Walker Golden Decanter comes with a fabulous bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, chips and a gorgeous decanter set. This is a stunning gift that will capture your dad's attention and ensure you’re the favorite. 

Bubbles & Nibbles

Just a dash of gold will make him feel like a million dollars. Our Bubbles & Nibbles hamper is a delicious gift we know your father will appreciate. He can have the Chandon Brut Sparkling bottle for himself or to share. It also comes with a series of sweet and savory nibbles. It’s the perfect gift to complete his Father’s Day. 

Do you want to create a unique Father’s Day gift?

Creating something unique and different isn’t always possible, but at Hampers Galore, you can make a fantastic gift we know your dad will adore. 

At Hampers Galore, we have a Create Your Own section where you can choose all your dad's favorite snacks, beverages and more. If you can’t find the perfect hamper in our collections, why not make your own? 

Our Create Your Own section also has the option to include some customizable items. You can write a message on a wine glass, beer bottle, candle or chocolate box. With up to 25 characters, you can leave your dad a funny, sweet or congratulatory message. We know your dad will appreciate a little customization. 

Father’s Day delivery options

At Hampers Galore, we understand that it isn’t always possible for you to visit your dad on Father’s Day. With our third party courier service StarTrack, we can have your Father’s Day hampers delivered anywhere in Australia. After all, distance shouldn’t matter when it comes to sending a gift to your dad. 

As Father’s Day falls on a Sunday, our courier service does not deliver on weekends. But that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule it for Friday before or Monday after. 

We do have a weekend delivery service for select Melbourne Metro areas for Father’s Day. There is an additional $19.95 for our weekend delivery service. If you have any questions regarding weekend delivery, our contact information is here

Why are the Father’s Day hampers from Hampers Galore the best? 

Every hamper purchased from Hampers Galore comes with a free personalized greet card. Write a funny, emotional or sweet message to your dad. Father’s Day only comes once a year, and it’s only right that you let him know how much he means to you. Come up with a meaningful card he will cherish and keep. 

Father’s Day hampers are a fantastic way to let your dad know you’re thinking of him. All our hampers are filled with the highest quality products available, so your dad only receives the best. At Hampers Galore, we are continuously adding new hampers to our collections. Have a look at what Father’s Day hampers are available and find the perfect gift to complete his special day. 

We know we have the best Father’s Day hampers in Australia. Take your time and find the perfect gifts at Hampers Galore.